Obama’s New Job – after the White House

Obama wants to call on his inner nirvana to clear his head post White House. But he will come back with a fervor to denounce, vilify, and attempt to destroy Trump, as his goddess given calling.

Obama and Holder have concocted a new initiative post White House – The National Democratic Redistricting Committee.   Their purpose will be to change the District maps that determine electoral college votes.   It is called Gerrymongering, a manipulation of Districts in order to create a leverage for one particular political party.   They intend to use legal means to change the maps in preparation for the 2020 election.

So while the Clintonites and their followers have been busy claiming the Electoral College was out dated and needed to be abolished, the Obamaites were busy calculating how they could re-map the votes for the next election.

Kind of like a ‘bait and switch’ media game.

According to their mission, they feel that the current maps are unfair and do not properly reflect the Democrats and thus need to be redefined with new boundaries and closer affiliation with the Democrat population. The problem is that according to the Cook Partisan Voting Index, as of 2008, Districts representing the democrats tallied at 51.2% against the Republicans at 48.8%. And according to a Gallop poll, 43% of Americans identified as Democrat while 39% identified as Republican. ..

Which means that the District representation as it stands is fairly accurate. What the Gallop poll also reflects is that the Democrat lean vs the Republican lean has changed significantly during the Obama administration with a 30+ lead for the democrats falling to a -6 in 2015. In other words, the Democrats failed and The People reacted.

Obama’s legacy would thus reflect that he was a failure for his own party.

But Obama needs a hefty income to continue his lavish spending which includes a monthly rent in the Kalorama District of DC at about $25,000 – yes I said ‘monthly’. His daughters continued private high school, Sidwell Friends, which runs about $40,000 per year.   Michelle’s lavish designer wardrobe – although she may attempt to coerce free clothing from her liberal designers. Parties, food, travel, vacations (which typically have run upwards of $8 million each), college tuition, maids, butlers, drivers, etc… His pension after spending 8 years employed as President will offer him a lifetime salary starting at roughly $200,000.

Obviously his pension won’t even cover the cost of his rent, so he needs to make big bucks through the donations that his new employer, The National Democratic redistricting Committee, will reap.   I imagine Soros will come through… as well as a host of Hollywooders who will have to quash the Califexit initiative in order to maintain a heavy base of Democrat voters and electorals to sway elections…

Not a lot of forward thinking in the attempt to exit the US. But then, it is the same stupidity that cost them the election… If California is successful in leaving the US, then the Democrat Party can kiss good-bye all those liberal votes! Tch.

Stupid is as stupid does.