Trump: A Psychopath says Oxford

An Oxford psychologist has conducted his own test on Trump and determined he is psychopathic. But interestingly, while this singular man would have us believe that this is his primary area of research – his bio gives a more clear picture: First main area of interest – persuasion and social influence. In other words, if he says something and spreads the rumor/gossip through the social media influence – everyone will believe what he tells them to believe.

Which, of course, requires a highly manipulative, cold-hearted, ruthless, dishonest, egocentric personality to believe he has such power over the minds and masses… Perhaps the ‘psychopath’ is the wolf in disguise.

He boasts that he has been given grants by the USAF and Ministry of Defense to conduct experiments with regard to persuasion and social influence. I imagine this particular experiment against Trump – is a paid gig.

It should be noted that Dr. Kevin Dutton is not on staff at Oxford, he is a ‘postdoctoral researcher’. Meaning he is attempting to create a name for himself so that he can be granted a full-time position. His credit of Recent Publications – is empty.

It should also be noted that the test Dr. Dutton used to make his slanderous assessment, the Psychopathic Personality Inventory, or PPI-R, is considered a ‘self report’ – it is NOT an interview based or assessment based report. Therefore Dr. Dutton has transgressed the very boundaries of psychology and his credentials by randomly applying this test to a person he does not know and is not qualified to assess when that is not the functionality of the test. Dr. Dutton claims that he asked ‘experts’ to give their opinion on Trump. However, such a statement is highly caustic and could subject him to a legal investigation and an inquiry into his ethics to determine if he has violated his status.

He gives no names for his supposed ‘experts’ which could include Hillary Clinton for all we know. And again, he is making a public statement using his credentials as support that is maligning and could be the basis for libel and slander.

The British Code of Ethics is based on four core elements: respect, competence, responsibility and integrity. It would appear Dr. Dutton has violated all four.

Psychologists value the dignity and worth of all persons, with sensitivity to the dynamics of perceived authority or influence over clients, and with particular regard to people’s rights including those of privacy and self determination.”~British Psychological Society Code of Ethics

His book on psychopaths was found to be ‘entertaining’, but without scientific merit, according to Dr. Martha Stout, a clinical faculty member at Harvard for 25 years. And his book on persuasion is again defined as entertainment without scientific merit, his writing considered arrogant, inept, with language that tends toward ‘obfuscation’, disorganized and tedious.

Jumping into the political fray, Dr. Dutton would seem to be attempting to create a personality – for himself, which may result in a lawsuit filed against him and Oxford. A very dangerous game for what purpose? His own psychopathic gain. Or was it simply – money…