Governor of Hawaii, Josh Green is planning to confiscate the land in Lahaina.   Josh Green is a WEF junkie who has been working with elites to find a way to grab the land in Lahaina, Maui and build a 15 minute city.   Lahaina locals have refused to sell for years.   The locals claim the death toll is in the multiple thousands.   The elites, Oprah, Bezos, Gates, etc… who own vast swathes of land on Maui had their estates preserved.   The vultures are already out trying to buy up the burnt scarred land for 3cents on the dollar.

THE STORIES coming out from local residents are a far different tale than the media lip sync version.   The evil that shrouds this catastrophe is cataclysmically greater than imaginable:

The reason the fire did not spread more is because a laser ring was drawn around Lahaina as a fire control line. The boats on the ocean burned. Flames of fire burned on top of the ocean waters. No one came to help – for 12 hours.   Nothing. No Coast Guard.   Nothing.

No firemen came because the water was turned off.   The water was turned off because Manuel of the Department of Land and Resources claims that water ‘must be revered’ – not wasted.  

The line of burnt cars?   Because the police at the head of the line blockaded the road and were told not to let anyone out – and they obeyed orders…while people were incinerated alive.  The orders came from Maui police chief John Pelletier who refuses to comment.   Thousands upon thousands of people were forced to stay inside the wall of fire because the elites wanted them dead. And police obeyed.

Children huddled with their parents in their homes and were burnt to ashes and bones.   Because the elite wanted the land.   To build an elite playground.

Today, police have been told to shut down all distribution centers and confiscate supplies – by order of John Pelletier No Comment..

The Coast Guard is on vacation.   The National Guard are obeying orders to stand down.   Food supplies are being brought in by boats and jet skis from island residents.   No one can leave.   And the Governor gleefully talks about the prospect of building the first 15 minute city, sustainability and climate change – ROT.

Climate Change doesn’t cause a Direct Energy Weapon to annihilate an entire American town and its inhabitants on behalf of The World Economic Forum.   Our President is still on ‘vacation’, but has valiantly ‘pledged’ $700 per family …   There WERE 3600 families – no more.  The Pledge has yet to be disbursed.   The Red Cross claims its volunteers are working around the clock at shelters – only the picture is an empty shelter – no open cots, no supplies…

The level of evil perpetrated upon these people by our own government and its Cartel is heinous.   Obama wants to capitalize on the tragedy by having people donate to his foundation.   Oprah demanded a film crew interview.   And ‘pledges’ don’t do anything to mitigate the NOW.   The lack of emotion is suddenly the Bull in the China Shop.

Will they draw a ring around New York City?  LA?   Portland?   Just make sure The Hamptons are spared… right?   And not one Media Outlet is telling the story.

Every piece of information is coming from inside the prison – once called, Lahaina.   They didn’t sell their land – so their punishment is death to all.  And they are openly aware that this is what really happened to them.

Good Samaritans are all they have left.   Parents have lost children, children have lost parents, and now they suffer from government neglect.   Purposefully deprived of the necessities they need to survive!

Why aren’t Bezos, Oprah, Gates, Lady Gaga and the evil dogooders opening their homes to their neighbors?   Why aren’t they dropping planeloads of supplies from their fleets of private jets?   Instead you hear Obama asking for money – to hold in his Foundation:  

FORM 990 2021 – Obama Foundation

Net Assets – $680 million

Annual Grant making on Revenue = 3% ( $5 million on revenue of $160 million )

Officers Salaries annually = $6 million; Valerie Jarrett = Director/CEO

Independent Construction Contractors = $29 million

Payroll and Expense = $17.5 million

Grant making:   of the $5 million – $3.5 million went to the Chicago Park District to relocate a track…, $785,000 to, just $250,000 was spent on youth empowerment per their IRS Foundation STATUS

This is the Obama asking for money to be given to his 3% Foundation sitting on a stack of money approaching $1 billion after 7 years.   NONTAXED.    All for Lahaina…less 97% for The Big Guy.

13 thoughts on “LAHAINA: The Stories Inside The ASHES AND BONES

  1. After collecting information from different sources I have concluded the following.

    Trees not Trimmed/cut back
    Controlled brush fires not done to eliminate grass and brush.
    Very dry weather for many months.
    Power lines in massive disrepair. (typical of all corporations today)

    A very powerful high pressure set up north of the Islands causing very high hurricane easterly winds of 60 to 90 mph and gusting.

    Hurricane Dora (now a typhoon) passing 600 nm to the south of the island creating counter clockwise winds. Due to the distance the additional winds were not that much but did add a little zip to the high pressure clockwise circulation. Most people are blaming the hurricane.

    The Electrical Power was not shut off so when the winds took down the poles it caused shorts and fires on the ground. Also transformers probably shorted out causing fires all over the place.

    They did not operate the emergency siren. It did work and I have a credible witness that said it was tested monthly.

    There was zero water pressure in the fire hydrant system and it took several hours to convince Government to turn the water on,,, by then there were many fires and much was already burnt down.

    It is alleged by many citizens that police blocked all exit roads trapping many. No reason why yet.

    Also corporate carpet baggers are now in the city trying to buy up land.

    Still no massive humanitarian help,,, a Walmart in the area is helping out. Our President doesn’t mention it. Heard nothing from the Donald. Candidate RFK wished people good luck and held an interview with Ed Dowd who lives on the island trying to figure out what happened.

    It still is possible DEW weapons were used to assist in creating the fires but I am slowly moving away from that.

    The Biggest factor…. Not shutting off the power. Had they shut it off this would not have happened.

    In short, with the information I have, I blame the power company not cutting tree limbs back and government not back burning the grass and brush which also would have prevented this catastrophe.

  2. Psycho joomaniacs (along with their crypto kin) have pretty much taken their wicked wet-dreams to the limit. I do think that the f*ckers’ polluted brains are still conjuring mayhem (counting 3 2 1; ready set go …) and aren’t going to stop with their homicidal assaults on humanity. Perhaps this latest horror show is the tipping point, but sadly I doubt it.

    Sans the audacity, none of it surprises me anymore. And while bone-chilling neither did this quote surprise me from one of this countries’ one-time ‘trusted top journalists’:

    “They’ve decided to burn it all down with us inside. That should scare you to no end as much as it scares an aging volunteer fireman.” NBC’s Brian Williams, Dec. 10, 2021

    Anyway, thank you very much for the great reporting. Depressing as it is, I cannot and will not turn away from it.

  3. Thank you Helena. Yes, I am with you all the way. I think the Apocalypse has begun.
    I have a friend who lives in Makawao who sent me some videos – probably ones that you’ve already seen. Police Crap-ton Pelletier was also on the scene during the Las Vegas Massacre as well. He’s paid by the Mob I’m sure. So they move these players around on the chessboard as cut-outs to cover their wicked deeds… but God sees it all and these fools will burn in Hell.
    Meanwhile we are to be the salt and light until we’re called Home. You’re doing and outstanding job, praying for your protection and God’s comforting hand tto rest upon you.

    • Personally, I don’t think God will care much if we decided to stop them from incinerating us,,, or vaxxacuting us. Last I heard He was okay with self defense no matter what course it requires. What He may not appreciate is being used as an excuse to not protect the innocent.

  4. Jesus Helena,,, This is worse than I even thought. They burned down a city and incinerated its inhabitants for the land? And the Natl Guard is sitting on their ass?,,, The Red Cross is sitting on their ass?,,, The cops incinerated men, women and children as they were ordered to?

    Where did these evil bastards come from and where are the good guys? Are there any good guys and do they allow women and children to die because of their cowardice or I was following orders…. This is now a fascist nazi nation. This makes me so upset that I cannot continue this post. Maybe later.

    • Most of the information came directly from resident survivors. So it is real. When I listened to all the videos it was overwhelming. The shock that they would go this far hit like bricks. I can’t undo the videos from my mind. Just so heinous. And yet there are people who think it is funny. Something akin to ‘national enquirer’. I am beyond floored. EVIL has risen

      • Latest info,,, Sorry folks, it was all due to powerlines needing maintenance,,, something like a 122 lines and they all completely broke at once due to a climate change hurricane 800 miles away with super high winds of 59mph. In the Atlantic 59mph is a tropical storm? And worse, their Siren failed,,, probably hasn’t been maintained or tested in years. After all maintenance and testing is on the expense side of the ledger. In this case, even if it worked, probably wouldn’t have mattered.

        Biden’s not worried,,, he authorized whopping $700 for each family. See,,, The problem is the Ukronazis needed some cash for the war their losing so they printed up 24 billion for them. Don’t forget….. 10% for the big guy.

        Adding injury to insult, if the food and supplies don’t come from Government approved corporations then it is confiscated,,, probably trashed. The people trying to help managed to get a little help by bringing the supplies on boats from across the bay to bypass the helpful government confiscation.

        Reminds we of the New Orleans boondoggle. I am now waiting for the Nazi Guard which has been sitting on their lazy fat asses to come in and start confiscating any guns they find. The police did an excellent job of preventing families from leaving so women and children became victims. Hawaiian couldn’t let them live as it wants to confiscate their property.

        Many ‘Americans’ will say all this is conspiracy theory but that’s okay. Many have had the clot shot and its just a matter of time for them. The evil bastards never stop until stopped.

    • “Fascist Nazi Nation”? Try “Judeocommunist gulag death camp” for a far, far more accurate comparison. Jews did Russia and Jews did this along with every other horror that has overtaken America.

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