BioWeapon Labs in Ukraine – sponsored by Germany, France, Israel – and US

Previous reports had indicated that the Bioweapon Labs in Ukraine numbered 13.   Apparently, there may be underground labs that may increase that number to 30.   The labs were sponsored and built by Germany, France, Israel and the US under the auspices of NIH, DoD and Walter Reed.   As the Ukraine conflict began, a mass dismantling of these US illegal labs was ordered by Zelensky.   Fortunately for the West, most of these ‘innocent tonics’ were sequestered to the US for safe keeping. Of course their existence is being systematically ‘deleted’ from all reference including expunging NED’s funding of anything Ukraine, the US Embassy website has hit the delete button and surely the media have been told to completely ignore the story and call it ‘fake news’.

WUHAN II.   Deny, deny, delete delete.   Apparently these nonlethal bioweapons included plague, tularemia, cholera and anthrax – Level 4.   Newsweek, Snopes, USA Today, Fact Check checkers – are all aligned in their denial that the labs exist.   But, oops, Victoria Nuland just went on the air claiming that all the bioweapon labs do exist and she is worried Russia will get them claiming if there is a biological attack -100% Russia Did It!   Surprise!

The primary reason these biological labs are established in China and Ukraine by the US is simply because they are illegal by definition per the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons.  And Ukraine being the massive corrupt country that it is – doesn’t care.

When Ukraine established Martial Law on February 24th, their public statement read: “The Ministry of Health in Ukraine in connection with the imposition of Martial Law on February 24, 2022, … requests to ensure emergency destruction of biological pathogens…”     Unfortunately for the US and Ukraine, several astute reporters took images of numerous documents which attest to the biological weapons labs including all the redacted files at the US Embassy in Ukraine.   Delete! Delete!

In addition, a video on Rumble records a French journalist in Ukraine who states that the Ukrainian government is bombing their own buildings and citizens… Why?    To ramp up the anti-Russian rhetoric, much like the fake Syrian allies we had doing our dirty work there only to learn they were al-Nusra.   The reporter claims she presented her documentation to her superiors, they have refused to publish it.

Assertions that Russian planes have been downed by Ukraine, specifically the SU 25, are vague, and complicated by the fact that the SU 25 is a major component of the Ukrainian Air force.   Meaning they are reporting their own downings as Russian.   In fact, most Ukrainian weapons and military supplies are leftover products from Soviet Russia that have been ‘rehauled’ given their age and rust.

The primary source for the various photo-ops in Ukraine that have shown to be fake come from the Anadolu Agency in Turkey.   Their newly elected Board Chair went to the New America School in NYC – and worked at the New York Times. He then went to work for TNT International – originally Turner Network Television – as an actor.

Photographs by Anadolu are showing the exodus at train stations and oddly depict the refugees as men between the ages of 18-60 despite Zelensky claiming they were not allowed to leave Ukraine and must stay and fight.  How can this be?

Poland is transferring it’s inventory of 22 MiG-29’s it received from the German air force in 2004 to a US airbase in Germany for use by the US.   The intention of the US is to send them to Ukraine – although where they might land is of concern given most airfields have been destroyed.   But it does up the ante for US involvement that could implode.

The MIG’s are soviet made and have been in service since 1977. It is one of few fighter jets that the Ukrainian military currently know how to fly.    A significant disadvantage to this aircraft is that it uses much more fuel than others – adding to Climate Change….. Also they are relatively slow and subject to easy downing by missiles.

The means of getting the aircraft to Ukraine would require US Air Force personnel which also ups the ante of a death sentence subject to the military acumen of Lloyd Austin whose strategic ability is predominantly garnered inside a ‘book’.   Not to be undeterred, Austin has announced that every military person must undergo gender fluid classroom training before they are combat ready!

Given Brandon has announced the immediate cut of all Russian Oil to the US representing roughly 10% of our annual supply, he has re-ignited alliance with Iran for their oil to compensate.   I wonder how Israel is processing this information?

Ukraines population since its 1991 annexation has been declining by 200,000 to 400,000 each year.    Why?   It is a corrupt cesspool.   Birthrates are down severely across ALL regions. Any population increase is attributed to migration.   Their poverty rate is measured according to WHO standards of earning less than $1.25 per day and includes 8-10% of the population!   Ukrainians migrating to Russia have totaled 3.3 million.

No one across the globe raised an eyebrow.

By all accounts, Ukraine was a corrupt, poverty stricken, country that had sequestered the US Cabalists via Biden’s desire to no longer be the poorest politician in DC.   Both Ukraine and China used Biden to grant this request.   But Ukraine’s anonymity as a country gave the Biden’s and ultimately the Cabalist Cult greater access to bribes, kickbacks, and monetary gifts.

Open Access, as Soros likes to spout, was completely devoid in this region.   Poverty serves the elite for it means the people are breakable.   As a mic drop recently revealed by a Brazilian politician – the Ukrainian refugee women are gorgeous – and available – because they are poor and ripe for conquest.   A FB Conservative poster decrying his Christianity made this pronouncement quite clear when he envisioned the beautiful Ukrainian women vying for western marriage proposals.

It was a sickening and degrading post – and yet was met with the typical hoots and hollers for the pictures he displayed of women to ‘BUY’ – ‘did he tell his wife’   yuk yuk.

War is stupid – to be sure.   But if we do nothing to fight the Cabalist Regime – we are stupid.   I personally have no intention of laying down my life, my Christ life, or God for a Ukrainian romp in the sack – did he tell his wife idiot who rightfully should be SHAMED!

As we know – Putin has been adamant about his demonstrative effort to abolish Nazism and Militaryism that his risen exponentially across the Ukraine since 2014.   Targeting specific installations, specific labs, airfields, and specific NATO facilities that were facilitating biowarfare – is a viable offense.

And if you believe the MSM warriors regarding CoVid…   it is likely you believe the Ukraine narrative that is sourced from the exact same places – CIA, MI5, and German Nazi warriors.  If the MSM is completely, viley corrupt – until it reports on Ukraine….   you have a choice to revisit your knowledge.

7 thoughts on “BioWeapon Labs in Ukraine – sponsored by Germany, France, Israel – and US

  1. I ask why do we need bio-labs? Are these places discovering new and great things for the betterment of mankind? NO. Big pharma likes to farm out drug research to these places. The results? Either we get useless “miracle” drugs that are marketed for exorbitant prices or ravaging bio-weapons that scare people into using useless drugs that eventually kill them. In any event, humanity is very low on the list of importance to these medical cretins and gargantuan profits and payoffs are at the top of the list.

  2. all brought to us by the same assholes that started the scamdemic,Afghanistan,and the coming banking collapse,i’ll stick with the Russians on this one!

      • Well! If someone threaten my land and family what would I do type attitude. Destroy the material or poison that is going to hurt my family. Next, injure the person, next after that, if no justice, and they were going to comeback, self defense to the last resort, capital punishment by law.

        So, Putin is only after destroying the labs and NATO places, since they are the mad scientist. He wants Russia and Ukraine to be united in peace.

        US and Europe should not be involved. US Politicians planned this since the Obama Era in 2013, McCain, Romney, Biden, are treasonous go lucky jerks. It is the treasonous leadership that needs to be taken out.

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