CoVid19 Variants: MRna Hijacked from Dr. Bradstreet

The media is certainly quick to announce some interesting factoids regarding the severity of the variant strains of the CoVid19 virus which is now being called – SARS-Cov20.   In and of itself renaming CoVid as SARS seems to fly under the radar.   The study that the media cites was published in JAMA Network Open on April 26th 2021.   The time frame for the ‘study’ was based on infections ‘sequenced’ between March 11, and April 22 – 2020 involving 302 patients.   2020.   They identified 6 clades of the original virus…   BEFORE the vaccine was developed.   It has absolutely no bearing on the “India” variant, the South African variant, the Brazil variant, or the “UK variant” or any variant being used today to invoke further panic!

The conclusion of the study simply stated that the outcome was faulted due to insufficient data on the Wuhan source genome.   Ultimately, they concluded that the ‘variants’ showed a constant in hospitalizations with continued lower mortality rates!

In other words – they were guessing and the virus was performing as all viruses do.

At the time, as of April 2020 – theses scientists had found over 2500 mutations.   Not 3 or 6 or 10 as the media is stipulating now – 2500 over a year ago.

Meaning there could be 10,000 variants now and no study exists that could possibly purport to have established any report on all these variants.   Deutsche Welle doesn’t even bother to mention any actual scientific study, and instead continually references, “…a number of experts…” or the very broad, “…health authorities state…”

Because there are no studies.

JAMA Network Open was founded by Frederick Rivara in 2018 through the American Medical Association.   Its purpose is to cover all aspects of biomedical science.   The timing seems a bit unusual.   But then truth is a difficult commodity to obtain.   The magazine is published monthly and funding accrues as charges to those presenting articles currently $3000 each.

JAMA has 2 primary editors:

Frederick P Rivara – the founder who teaches pediatrics at the University of Washington, Seattle.   He is known for his research in the relationship between gun ownership and gun violence.   Oddly, he has absolutely no experience in biomedical science.

Stephen Fihn is the deputy editor.   His specialty is General internal medicine.   He has worked as a professor at the University of Washington since 1979 and worked at the VA medical center until 2018. He too has absolutely no background in anything remotely connected to biomedical science.

In December 2018, RNA for Malaria vaccines was patented by CUREVAC A. G.   Bill & Melinda Gates and Glaxo Smith Kline partner with CUREVAC.   Undergoing normal procedure, this vaccine has been in testing phases for five years. Today it is still at the ‘mice’ stage.   But applications as a universal flu vaccine and a cancer vaccine are in stages of development.

Odd that Malaria using the same technology requires over 5+ years of trials at the mice stage…

In 2013, the US stated that ‘natural biological substances’ could NOT be patented.   Which included DNA.   However, artificial DNA constructs or sequences altered by humans remain patentable.

And therein lay the hurdle.

The purpose of MRna is to inject cells with a genetic material that tells your body how to make a “key” spike protein found on the genetically engineered virus.  Proteins naturally occur throughout the body and are our defense mechanism against disease, bacteria and viruses.   Because they are ‘naturally occurring’, they are NOT patentable.

What protein does the MRna vaccine instruct and print?

A viral protein that is genetically created and thus not natural to the human body.

In 2015, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet created McGAF, “a Vitamin D binding protein macrophage activating factor”.   An injectable protein that naturally occurs in humans.   Proteins are naturally occurring in healthy people but lacking in the immune system of people fighting diseases. Bradstreet would identify the lacking protein and used vitamin D as the cellular receptor.   McGAF could cure cancer, autism and Parkinsons   He sold it to his patients for $15 per shot.  This was groundbreaking!    The potential was infinite for health cures!

The FDA shut down his office, raided his supplies and confiscated all his work as well as vials of this easy to manufacture protein and receptor.   They claimed what he was doing was ‘unethical science’.   The next day, Dr. Bradstreet, an evangelical Christian, was subsequently ‘suicided’.

The FDA and NIH work collaboratively.   And created a joint leadership council in 2010.

Did Fauci order the raid and confiscation of all materials?  Bradstreet’s discovery would make the entire MRna process defunct.

At the time, Dr. Bradstreet was suing Glaxo Smith Kline for adverse effects attributable to the MMR vaccine which he believed caused Austism in his son.

Glaxo Smith Kline and various Israeli companies were handed all of Dr. Bradstreet’s notes, vials and research.   They attempted to reconfigure this cure with an amalgamation of additives which made the protein inactive. The purpose of the additives was to make the protein ‘patentable’.

Without a Patent – there was no money in the injection and so it was tabled.

So they set out to make a synthetic version – and called it MRna.

Bill & Melinda Gates announced an initial investment in Moderna in 2016, one year after Bradstreet’s death, for $20 million with the opportunity to rise to $100 million.   The purpose was to use DNA as a programmable material.    Dr. Neil Dachau, Microsoft’s foremost scientist stated that altering DNA could trigger the death of certain cells through inserted instructions.

Moderna first patented the MRna process in 2017 and it was approved October 2019.

The TRUE Wokeness that is pervading the globe is just how corrupt our corporate and government system has become wherein assassination is a common thread for solution.

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  1. Explain how ‘scientists’ can determine mutants / variants if they never isolated the original?

    Since they never laid eyes on the virus itself how did they come up with the genetic sequence?

    And how did they manage to determine what protein our GMO body is supposed to manufacture?

    Some pretty good guessing going on here…. no?

    Might want to steer clear of vaxxed folks. Some really strange stuff happening…


  2. looking into today’s business world is like digging thru a bucket of shitty diapers,each layer is more disgusting than the last.

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