LIFE WATER: A Pepsi And Coke QUASH of Water Rights

Liberal pink-flakes are trying to shame conservatives for boycotting coca cola over their voting rights stance.     In their complete inability to actually create, they have instead borrowed the meme used by Conservatives – ‘snowflakes’.   Oddly, they likely have no concept of the history of Coca Cola or Pepsi in water rights.   And the global scam that is perpetuated in selling bottled water taken from our taps. 


According to my water bill I pay $2.82 for 1000 gallons of tap water.   PepsiCo recycles my tap water through a ‘filter’ and sells a gallon of it back to me on the market for $6.675- relabeling it Life Water.   Of course I now also have a plastic bottle to dispose of that is detrimental to the environment just for the privilege of being charged a spiff of 23000%.

But then, Pepsi doesn’t get charged the same rate per gallon I do, so their profit margin is likely considerably higher.   In fact, Pepsi and Coke both pay roughly $.01 to $.05 per gallon… for a gross profit in the MLB ballpark of 130,000%.

Snowflakes RISE, because the CEO of Pepsico is Ramon Laguarta from Barcelona, replacing Indra Nooyi from India, and we are devoutly curious –   what happened to US personnel?    Pepsico’s global headquarters is in New York.    True to the Crisis, Ramon has drafted a page on the Pepsi website entitled, “Racial Equality Journey Black Initiative”.  

Discussing racial diversity and racism, social justice, pay equity and company DNA, Ramon, a white male, has vowed to commit $80million for five years toward:   1. Mandatory unconscious bias training,   2. Investing in exclusively Black owned businesses, and of course – 3.   Commitment to Black Lives Matter.

Sounds racist to me…

Pepsico has exactly ONE black member on their leadership team – he is CEO to North America.   Of their 28 member Team, they have 6 women. Their Board of Directors are even ‘less’ diverse:   14 members; 3 women and 1 black.

The Black population of the world with emphasis on Africa can be determined to be roughly 16-20%.   The Chinese population of the world is estimated at roughly 18%.   Unfortunately for history, determining the percentage of white or Caucasions in the world is considered a toxic reference and would seem to have been obliterated as a census as – racist.

Apparently, Hispanics who identify as white are no longer allowed – because they are “Spanish People”.   And in order to dilute the white global count, Hispanics are instead Spaniards…

The CEO of Coca Cola is James Quincy – white male from the UK – whose career started at Bain and Company – with Mitt Romney!   No coincidence – but Quincy lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is a member of the World Economic Forum promoting Agenda 2030.   Quincy succeeds Muhtar Kent – from Turkey.   Kent is an aligned Obama, Hillary, Bilderberg Group appointee.

Could you get more Conflagurated?

All of these CEO’s have relations with Xi Jinping and China.   ALL share relations with Condoleeza Rice, Albright and Kissinger. ALL would seem to have absolutely no compassion or relationship with The People, and instead are robotically aligned with the Gargoyles of the Cabal. Thank you Slog…

In fact, Muhtar Kent was considered a potential running mate with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

According to Pepsico, demand for clean water will surpass availability by 40% as of 2030 – the infamous world meteor – Agenda 2030.   And yet, Pepsico advances it’s water agenda by calling for more and more ‘hand-washing’ across the globe.   What the Freak?   Given our most precious resource will be soured by 40% in 9 years – why would a company advocate greater use of this life resource for ‘hand-washing’?  

So 40% of the global population will die from lack of drinking water – but they’ll have clean hands?   This information can be reviewed by anyone via the Pepsico website…

Coca Cola declares gross revenue of roughly $40billion and net revenue of $9billion. Quincey is 56 and rakes in personal compensation of roughly $20 million annually. Ramon’s annual salary would appear to be a bit less at roughly $14million plus annually.

Pespsico and Coca Cola are completely irrevocably aligned in how they do business, how they squeeze profits, and how they perform in the racial diversity agenda vs how they speak.

The Board of Directors of Coca Cola has one black person who was appointed as of 2020. The one and only black person on the Board is Helene Gayle who came from McKinsey & Company and prior to that Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  AH!

CORPORATE OWNERSHIP OF AMERICA is an evolution that began perhaps 100 to 150 years ago.   The insertion of peoples whose alignment with the Communist/Marxist agenda was paramount to the ultimate assertion of control.

McKinsey & Company has been the groomer who performed the equivalent of the Hollywood/Oprah makeover to create performers that would appeal to the television audience.

Gates provided their bullet-point agenda.   And the Media roiled their mistakes as glorious and profound achievements!

Imagine the person.   What kind of person could possibly accept being reimagined and their public portrayal being a manuscript of do or die?   Obviously, such a person would have to be ‘profiled’.   And their affiliation with Honesty, America, Truth, Justice, and God would thereby be nullified.   And their allegiance to Money, Self, and Immorality would be – their definitions.

In the end, in the world of transhumanism and ethic, a perfect human would NOT have these themes, characteristics or ethics.   IN a perfect Utopian Agenda, compassion would still prevail.

And thus – ALL of these reimagined puppets would by necessity of the protocol – be eliminated due to their frailty and fault as a human specimen….

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