The CABAL: Created the United States Of America For Profit

Is the US an Oligarchy ruled by a corrupt few? If one accepts the Cabal, the answer would be – yes. But it is interesting that few have much if any real knowledge of how America became America, or how it has existed under the thumb of the Cabal since its purported independence from Britain:

Colonized originally by the British, the French, the Germans, the Spanish, the US was slave to the Empires of Europe. Literally. The people had come over to escape the tyranny in their country only to be subjugated – again. And as the disgruntled mania rose in the ranks an American Revolution was born in 1776 when the Colonies rose against the British in a demand for independence.

France and Spain ultimately sided with America against the British Empire and The Kingdom of Prussia (Germany today)

Monarchial rule was the precedent. But Monarchs were mostly figureheads advised by Vatican Bishops:

In 1540 the Jesuit Society was founded in France. They expanded rapidly setting up missions and buying land at a great pace throughout the globe.   Benefactors included the wealthy, the elite, and governments.   By 1767 the were suppressed by the monarchs of Spain, France, Portugal, the two Sicily’s, and Parma. The suppression was carried out in all countries except the Kingdom of Prussia and Russia.   The principal reason was the fact that their power had become greater than the Monarchs, and they were accused of plotting assassinations, accumulating vast wealth, and exerting power that was unprecedented and total.   They were cunning and manipulative.

Their suppression was lifted in 1814 whereupon all confiscated property was returned and their power reinstated. It is thought that most priests within the Jesuit Order were Jews who had converted to Christianity.

The only Jesuit to be appointed as Pope, is the current Pope Francis who took office in 2013. The child sexual abuse scandal that has leveled the church has included Jesuits across the US who have been convicted and fined. Germany is the exception where they gain free justice due to statute of limitations laws. Chile, Brazil, and Spain are in line with German dictum.

Two months before the American Revolution in 1776, the Illuminati was formed in Prussia by Adam Weishaupt.   It is assumed he was an Ashkenazi Jew, ie, a Christian who converted to Judaism for the propagation of manipulation.

In 1798 Revered G. W. Snyder sent two letters to George Washington warning him that the nefarious Illuminati prevalent throughout Europe had integrated the Freemasons in the US.   Given Washington and Hamilton were Freemasons, the letter urged Washington to be prudent and wary of their potential to infiltrate the American government as they had throughout Europe.

At the time, the French allied with America in the Revolution during which Louis XVI was King and a Freemason.   The debts incurred by Louis’ decision to aid the American Revolution led to the French Revolution, which abolished Monarchial rule and resulted in the beheading of Louis XVI in 1793. Louis’ uncle Charles III was King of Spain and thus gives understanding of the alliance against the Brits.

Monarchs who were members of the Freemason Society were substantial in Sweden, Denmark, Prussia and Britain, but they also proliferated through Middle Eastern Egypt, India, Mexico and the Ottoman Empire. Despite the Freemason Society making claim that Christian belief in God was a primary initiation concept, this would seem false given the indoctrination of Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist members. As such, when one aspect of a “secret Society’ crumbles, the remaining conscripts come under scrutiny…

Robert Morris, Silas Deane, and numerous members of Congress gained quantum’s financially during the American Revolution. While the Revolutionary War decreased the slave trade dramatically, the profiteering therein as ‘privateers’ became the mainstay of both the British and the Revolutionaries as well as the – Bankers. Mercenaries.

The Freemasons established their Order in Britain sometime in the 1500’s as a fraternal order pledging charity as well as profit from business ventures.   Early 1700’s they began to set up lodges in the US colonies.   Thirteen of the 39 signatories to the US Constitution were Freemasons, including Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

As a ‘secret society’ their influence in establishing their ideals in America also served to hasten their wealth.   Six of our Founding Fathers were Freemasons, the exception being George Mason who initially refused to ratify the Constitution. Of all seven Founding Fathers, Mason’s contempt for the British was likely the highest as he frequenting penned satirical quips.

In 1744 Mayer Rothschild was born in Frankfort, Holy Roman Empire.   Under the tutelage of the Oppenheimer family he was taught currency manipulation and foreign trade schemes. He began the making of his fortune by handling the payments for the British mercenaries invading France during the French Revolution. By the early 1800’s he had advanced his career to international banking.   He borrowed from the monarchy to loan to other governments and traders, for profit. By 1810, Rothschild and his five/six sons had expanded their business throughout most of Europe financing armies and militias.   Somewhat like the ten tribes of the Bible, Rothschild had five sons who were positioned in five nations across Europe. The sixth son is not discussed.

In 1798 Reverend G. W. Snyder sent two letters to George Washington warning him that the nefarious Illuminati prevalent throughout Europe had integrated the US Freemasons.   Given Washington and Hamilton were Freemasons, the letter urged Washington to be prudent and wary of their potential to infiltrate the American government as they had throughout Europe, with occult and sinister ideals.

In 1811, the Rothschild Bank in the US lapsed and was not renewed by Congress, prompting Nathan Rothschild to declare vengeance.   In 1812, the British declared war on the US. Canada was a colony of Britain and thus allied against the US. Ultimately, the war ended in 1815 with both sides declaring a draw.

As a result of the war, the US Treasury was strapped.   Enter: Stephen Girard, a wealthy, French born banker who offered to buy the First Bank of the US and finance the war. Which was granted.   Girard’s wealth became exponential, and at the time of his death in 1831, he was considered the wealthiest man in the United States.   Girard’s wealth was reaped as a result of war dealings and loans including the sale of arms to South American revolutionaries while accumulating land in the US.

What becomes apparent in the historical account is the Cabal continually made their wealth through wars beginning with Washington, Hamilton, Franklin and the American Revolution.   War was the impetus.   It was the frame.   And the wealth that was so generated made what we view today as the shadow government of not simply the US, but the core of all of Europe, India, and much of the World.

September 1826, a stoneworker imprisoned in a New York jail on trumped up charges went missing. His name was William Morgan and he was a Freemason. He had threatened to publish a book on the inside makings of the Freemason Society exposing the organization’s tactics. He was bailed out by a bunch of Freemasons, carried away and never seen again. The Society remains secret, imbedded, and entrenched in the core history of the United States, and its continued colonization.

The U.S. debt in 1783 totaled $43 million. In today’s dollars that would roughly translate to about $650 million.   That year, Congress was given the power to raise taxes to cover the Government’s costs. However, the taxes did not bring in enough money. The debt continued to grow as the Government grew and provided more services to the people.

The U.S. Treasury Department was created in 1789 to help the country borrow money and manage the debt. Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury.

At its inception, 2.5 million citizens of the independent United States were in significant war debt amounting to $43 million.   The reason for the debt was expressed as – Independence.

In 1791, the first bank of the United States formed as a national bank, which was championed by Alexander Hamilton. The President of the first bank was Thomas Willing who studied law in London at the Inner Temple. The Honorable Society of the Inner Temple, which is one of four Inns of Court, took its name from the Knights Templar who originally owned the land on which the buildings reside. All British Barristers must belong to one of the Inns in order to practice law. After a period of slow decline in the 18th century, the following 100 years saw a restoration of the Temple’s fortunes, coincidentally coinciding with the formation of the First Bank of The United States and the Inner Temple alumni – Thomas Willing.

John Maynard Keynes was a member of the Inner Temple.

When Hamilton and Mason first authored The Federalist Papers, the election of the President of the United States would be through state electors, much like the European Union today. It was believed that citizens were much too daft and ignorant to have the power of election. Hamilton and Mason believed that the banking system and the political mechanisms of Britain should be the model of the New America. The same America that sought to separate itself from the warlords and Monarchs of Europe.

In essence, the United States was never really an independent nation, it has always been modeled off the empire it sought to distance itself from – the British Empire.   And thus, Monarchial rule was supplanted with an Oligarchy wherein the ‘rulers’ were men outside of government, who would rule in secrecy.

This Oligarchy, in common terms, is the Cabal, which was established in the very core and fundamental beginnings of The United States of America.

We were never – free.

America, from its very beginnings has been a colony of Britain and a puppet of the Cabal.

And while the media, the Illuminati, the Cabal, have attempted to censor this history, it exists and proliferates, it metastasizes and grows, with every day that we do not – hear, learn, pay attention.

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