Carl Bernstein attacks the media – and then attacks Trump for attacking the media

Carl Bernstein attacking Trump is a pinch of pepper, a dash of salt, and a cupful of chili sauce.   A man well worn in his multiple marriages, brutal affairs, and arrogant boasting of sexual encounters is calling Trump a ‘liar’. Hmmmm.

Running low on fame he acquired in the Watergate era of Nixon some 45 years ago, Bernstein himself failed to reveal that he was raised by parents who wholly embraced Communism. Which amounts to – a lie. Still, he attacks Trump for being a racist ‘just like his father’ while forcibly admitting his own parents were Communists. So, is Carl Bernstein a Communist just like his father?

In 1992, Bernstein wrote a story titled, “The Idiot Culture” in which he exposes the puppetry of people believing whatever the media manufacturers for them.  He writes, “…the American media is illusionary and delusionary—disfigured, unreal, disconnected from the true context of our lives…”

In 2002, his commentary of working for the Washington Post was less than complimentary claiming the paper was biased, sterile, and conformist. Sounds a lot like Trump’s comments…

Today, Carl Bernstein denounces Trump’s statements against the press stating Trump as being divisive and treacherous.   But a few years ago Bernstein was quoted as saying, “The lowest form of popular culture – lack of information, misinformation, misinformation, and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people’s lives – has overrun real journalism,” Carl Bernstein has said. “Today, ordinary Americans are being stuffed with garbage.”

Huh.  So, which is it Mr. Bernstein? Because it would appear you have turned on a dime and become much like what you abhor. Hypocrisy on the Communist left is so commonplace today that we barely blink when we hear of it again.

Unfortunately, Bernstein’s hero status in breaking the Watergate story is now muddied by a Communist agenda against Nixon personally.   And what we have left is a man who sowed many lies and adulterous relations pointing a gnarly finger at our US President, when in fact these are the opinions of a Marxist extremist, biased, Hillary lover, hypocritical denouncer who fails to acknowledge the actions of Obama in his cabinet firings and hirings, and instead promotes a shill commentary about Trump all the while making the exact same allegations himself – in prior years.

Every article written by Bernstein, every statement that is quoted, has to remind us that this is the same Bernstein who unabashedly uncovered the Watergate scandal as though he is desperately attempting to reclaim some prestige to his name.  Or attempt to use the Watergate fame as a basis for his Trump bashing.  In either case, his own hypocrisy makes him appear quite comical.

In fact, as history goes, even the Watergate scandal is now dissected from a different standpoint as it is claimed Nixon was supposed to be a Rothschild puppet, and instead decided to go rogue.  And so the globalists needed to bring him down.

FYI: Bernstein had no background in journalism, never got a college degree, and was hired by the Washington Post anyway. Woodward had a BA degree, spent five years in the navy and was denied a position at the Post because he wasn’t “qualified”.  

While Woodward is less demonstrative and hypocritical in his evaluation of Trump, he too has been criticized for fabricating information, stretching the truth and ‘forgetting’ the actual lay of the facts. His usefulness in the Watergate creation was promulgated not on his journalistic flare, but rather his government ‘connections’, i.e., Deep Throat.

Like Bernstein, his career and respect floundered, his only real traction being Watergate despite having written numerous books – and ultimately fiction.  Suddenly, in his seventies, he has been trumped up to provide insight in Trump while being paid by Liberal sources.

He regularly donates to his personal foundation which gives to charities like “Sidwell Friends School”, the same $35000 to $50000 per year school in DC where Obama sent his girls. They must have one heck ofa budget!  Hello?

These are the men who declare that Trump’s mental capacity to serve should be questioned by the media… As they desperately try and reclaim their lost fame, as the truth about Watergate becomes more revealing, as their own prominence unravels to reveal they were used as puppets, it is easier to see that – they are simply puppeting what they are told to say like dutiful – well, puppets.

Some things never change.

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