Seth Rich Murder – PR Puzzler …

Supposedly the Seth Rich family has hired a Washington, DC PR company to fend off unwanted theories and blogs about the death of their son. The PR company is The Pastorum Group founded in 2015 by Brad Bauman who previously worked for the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Josh Cohen who previously worked for the DNC and Obama For America. He states that he worked as a communicator and a ‘digitizer’ for the DNC meaning he was involved in promoting voter turnout and manipulating media commentaries. What he doesn’t state on his Twitter feed is that he is co-founder of Pastorum Group…

The Congressional Progressive Caucus was initially founded by Bernie Sanders and five additional progressive democrats in 1991. Organizations that support CPC include a Soros affiliated media group, Institute For Policy Studies which has been criticized for its radical Marxist ideologies, Progressive Democrats of America, a Socialist activist organization, Jobs With Justice, an organization that motivates college students to protest, and National Council of La Raza which has been criticized as the Latino KKK by Tom Tancredo.

Obama For America was reorganized as Organizing For Action a 501(c)(4). In 2013, the last reported year, they hauled in $21 million in donations. The status 501(c)(4) means the company may actively engage in political sway, contributions are not deductible and they are considered a hub of ‘dark money’ that spends more on political action than Super Pacs. Some of the more notable donors include:

-Imaad Zuberi, who sits on the Executive Committee for the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces

-Fred Eychaner, CEO of Newsweb Corp.,

-David Shaw, Founder of hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Co.,

-McAfee, Netsuite, Diamond Resorts, heiress to the Hyatt Hotels, Oracle… etc…

Their 990 states their office is located at 1130 Monroe Street in Chicago. The building was recently bought for $3.8 million by 1130 Partners, LLC. But this LLC would appear to be a ‘shadow organization’, as they have no website and remain cloistered in secrecy, no mention of officers/owners and their registered agent is an attorney, Vasilios Siomos. While this vacant building is listed as their address, according to their 2014 – 990, they rent space from Jim Messina in Washington DC. Odd.

A few interesting notes on their financials: 1) they paid over 1.2 million for ‘royalties’, as in the use of a person’s name… “Obama”? 2) IT expense was nearly $2 million and 3) bank fees were nearly $500,000. Not surprisingly they reported a net loss – paid no taxes and made no grants or charitable donations.

The PR company Pastorum Group has a website of sorts which consists of a logo – a phone number and an email link that is ‘not working’. Their Facebook profile is pathetic with three entries, one picture, and -0- following.

To date, the only statements being released by the family of Seth Rich are from Brad Bauman. Odd that they would hire a PR agent to represent them as opposed to a family attorney, rabbi or friend which is more commonly done in times of grief. Odd that this PR agent is in DC not Omaha where the family lives. Odd that this PR agent seems sorely lacking in any clients. Odd that this PR agent is so non-transparent in his website, Facebook and Linkedin Profiles. Odd that their webpage doesn’t even say what they do? Odd that Mr Joel Rich (Seth’s father) would have found Pastorum Group – simply randomly. Odd the associations and previous employment of the two founders of Pastorum Group entrenched in Hillary – Obama and Bernie.

But then, perhaps Mr Bauman wasn’t hired by Mr. Rich at all – given he is most certainly not a wealthy man – but was recommended and paid for by Clinton who herself has ramped up her own PR campaign to fend off the growing list of offenses.

Whatever the reason/excuse, Mr. Bauman would have been very difficult to find just by chance. The Cleaner, Soros, most likely is sweeping up the messes Hillary continues to leave like Pigpen from Charlie Brown.

FYI: Pastorum is Latin – it is the plural form of pastor or shepherd. Re-tweets = Josh Cohen religion… as in only sheep need a shepherd. Sad. Empty.

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