Slavery – UN Demands – America Pay Up

The UN is recommending that the US make payment reparations for every descendant of a “black” slave. If we do a simple extrapolation based on population; 330 million people, 12-13% black – that would amount to 42.9 million blacks. No one has suggested a $$$ amount, but let’s just throw out $100,000 each for round numbers (the death benefit for RECA payments to military members subjected to radiation poisoning that resulted in death was $75,000). That would mean we would hand out $4.29 trillion in slave benefits. Given our current deficit is close to $19 trillion – that would mean a fell swoop of an additional 22.6%!

Of course we could always just tax every white person in the US for their fair share… With non-Hispanic whites accounting for 62% of the US population, that would mean 204.6 million people, including children, would ante in about $22,000 each – for the average household of four, that would mean $88,000…

What a ridiculously stupid idea? Who is the UN?

Of course, there would be a fraud calculation which would add to the government calculations and add to the payments in the vicinity of 10-20% as is typical, dead people would come alive, and a mass exodus of citizenship would occur among the more wealthy out of principle.

I think I want the UN to decree that ALL women need to be compensated monetarily for their treatment as property for hundreds of years at the hands of all men. I’m sure we can find a good payment method for the 49.6% of the 7.4 billion population – $37 trillion sounds about right.

Or maybe we should compensate all people for their respective inhumanities against each other for inhumane treatment throughout history – as in those who gave their LIVES during wars for a bunch of ingrates.

Or maybe we can sue the government for allowing these atrocities to occur and every government employee is responsible for the compensation as a result of incompetent management.

Oh wait – this could be fun! Let’s make every UN employee responsible for the compensation of every failed initiative, every rape, sexual assault, mal-treatment, mal-feasance, offensive language, inability to secure freedom and safety for every citizen of Africa, Asia, and South America! That sounds fair…

Each and every descendant of anyone who ever served in the military would be given a reparation for the suffering those fine men and women endured!

Maybe the Egyptians should make monetary reparation for all the slaves they used during the period 3000 BC to present.

Eghads, imagine how much money we would have to shell out to each other for our various heritages going back to the beginning of time? Of course, then we’d have to agree on when the beginning of time occurred, and that would most definitely present a problem within religious and strict science definitions.

Who is this UN authority? The UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent. The group was established in 2002. Of course, given that the US is not the only country to enslave slaves, all countries would have to comply. Who heads this group? A white woman, Mireille Mendes France. The agenda? Afrophobia.

Who is Mireille? Her grandfather was a descendant of African slavery in Martinique (which is garble speak for her ancestory of slavery was many generations removed and since have faired quite well in a middle to upper financial zone – far removed from the pestilence and poverty of Africa that her ancestors live today). Her mother was the illegitimate offspring of African, Indian and European descent who lived a middle class lifestyle, which was considered – French?   Her father wrote numerous books and was considered a follower of Marxism and a great influence on Malcolm X and Che Guevara. He was instrumental in the formation of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a revolutionary Socialist movement in South Africa that advocated a Marxist-Leninist societal structure.

So lest you think there is an agenda to the sweet French something Mireille, be assured – there is. It is called Communism.

This is the very same UN that we support, that determines WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW we operate as a country –

Are you ready to be The United States of Communist Populace?  Because this is the AGENDA.

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