Obama Cries – And the World Laughs

So what is worse, our lying politicians, or our acceptance of our lying politicians?

Because you can certainly bank on the fact that they bank on your apathy.

They bank on your inability to research the Truth.

They bank on the ideal that most, even the supposed learned Republicans, can be swayed by the media.

Hence, even though we state that we don’t trust so-and-so, even though we say, they are a pathological liar, even though we laugh at their flippant and crass and entertaining exploitations, sometimes, we benignly accept what they say when it involves a supposed wicked axis. Why?

Because we believe that this wicked axis is what will ultimately join us as one – in the fight against a common evil. But they have defined the evil. They have created the evil. Still, we are culled, we are schmoozed, like an abused wife.

Obama cried. Really?   He put the menthol on his finger, touched the corner beneath his eye and suddenly tears appeared…  Exactly how many Presidents of the US have cried in front of their public? As best I can find the answer is – two. Personally, it gives me the creeps. Personally, I don’t want my nation leader – crying. He can do what he wants in private, but publicly, have control, have strength, have resilience, have anger! But don’t cry.

Again this speaks to what makes a Great President? Crying in public? Being a comic on late night talk shows? Revelling in your past cocaine dealing?  Hosting Hollywood events? Being endorsed by Hollywood? ICKY-POOH! I think NOT!

I want character. I want a man who has values and strength and a focus that is maybe one or two targeted topics. I want a man whose values are so sharp that we would never ever question his authenticity or his honor. I want a man who is as close to perfect as can be reasonably expected! After all – He is asking to BE the Leader! He is not asking to be a McDonalds worker!

Perfection is and should be a part and parcel of the ‘job description’!

We have become so apathetic, we feel sorry for a football player having a bad day. They aren’t allowed to have a bad day when they are making $20 million per year! SORRY! Not acceptable. A President of the US is not allowed to cry because he is feeling emotional, sorry! Bad Day – Not Accepted.

If we wanted an emotional president we would elect Cher. If we wanted a bad day football player we would pay – well, me.

I could show you what a bad football player really looks like…

So Obama, I’m sure Russia and Iran and China and Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, and Israel and Venezuela all were shaking their respective heads the moment you cried on national television, not because anyone believed you, not because they felt you truly exhibited compassion, but because they all realized the extent to which you have allowed Hollywood to become your agenda, your face. HOW Incredibly Icky.

Look to Leaders who actually have character. Look to Leaders who actually have our nationalism at heart. Look to Leaders who want us to more than thrive! Look to Leaders who see America as the BEST. Because if you look to Leaders that want us dead, you will get what you paid for.

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