Trump Trumped – Two

Good Grief and Gravy Charlie Brown, blocking Donald Trump from events is a pretty ridiculous move. First, it makes him a victim, second, it gives him victim press coverage, third, it always makes headlines, fourth, it makes the accuser appear childish, bullying and vindictive.

And while some comments by Trump may be viewed as ‘crossing the line’, etiquette is not exactly the mark of presidential ads or rhetoric. The mud is a slinging, the mud is slung, let the comments settle with the voters, not the press. Because the press is supposed to be immune, trained not to take things personally, and if a reporter pushes a personal agenda with a candidate, then that reporter opens the can for retribution/rebuttal.

The reason voters like Trump is exactly because of his in-your-face I-don’t-give-a-dang-about-political-correctness attitude! And any reporter knows that going into the fray. If you don’t want to be criticized or on the defensive, then don’t debate with him. If you don’t want back atchya retorts, don’t start with questions that have nothing to do with the economy, politics or taxes.

In an environment in which the people have little faith in the honesty of the media, where the media is on the defensive because they are called out time and again for scholocky tactics, messy investigations, half truths and bias, don’t expect – respect!

And while Trump may not have a clue about foreign relations, no one thinks Obama does either and that certainly didn’t stop him from getting elected. You are missing the entire theater performance – it isn’t about anything but being honest – and sometimes that can be brutal. After six+ years of lies, deceit, disinformation, misinformation, censorship and bias, I think the people want anyone who can just tell the truth for a change.

Fiorina is fresh and astute and comes across as an honest candidate. But she gets no press because she isn’t entertainment. Trump is. Hillary looks like Mrs. Doubtfire without the soft voice and compassionate heart. There is no charisma. Bill got elected based on charisma. Bush is so soft spoken people will nod off. And Waters World – ask people what was discussed at the latest debate and no one will remember – it just wasn’t that important. In fact, it was so unimportant, the media has even forgotten. There was no mainstream headline discussing the topics – only the entertainment quality.

And while people will dig up all kinds of dirt on Trump, I’m not sure even that matters any longer. I mean we excuse the most horrific mud that I can’t imagine what is considered too heinous. Look no further than some of our founding fathers:

Thomas Jefferson accused President Adams of having a hermaphroditical character.

John Adams’ camp called Vice President Jefferson mean-spirited, claimed he had multiple mistresses and that he was the son of a half-breed Indian squaw.

Reagon was called “Ray-gun”.

Andrew Jackson was called a cock-fighter and his wife was ridiculed for being really fat.

It is only the beginning and already some of the media are crying foul… Really?  Have you had your head in the sand for ALL previous elections or what…  Just sayin’ –

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