HACK ATTACK – Coincidences – no such thing

China’s market is realizing a ginormous correction – is it the end of the world?


Put in perspective, their market had risen 150% over the last year. To NOT expect a correction would have been rather naive. However, to see the correction happen so quickly… that’s looking a bit manipulative.

Over 45% of Chinese stocks are currently ‘frozen’, no trading allowed. What precipitated the bear? It could be similar to what happened in the US ie, – margin calls. As stocks began their correction, computer algorithms kicked in and forced margin calls to go out which tanked the market more which created more margin calls… a domino effect when computers are at the helm.

Of course the investor holdings who have profited from the 150% ramp in China’s market would see this as an opportunity to sell, recognize their profit and wait for the full correction to bottom out before going back in. Plausible.  Typically, the losers in these corrections are the smaller investors who follow band-wagon buying.

Is it a manipulation? Yes and No. Yes in that markets are manipulated and no in that algorithms and opportunity helped it along.

Today the NY Stock Exchange experienced ‘a technical glitch’ and shut down for four hours. Glitch?  Really?  That’s the technical terminology?  I don’t buy it.  Hacking is soon going to overtake porn and human trafficking as a business model.  Just wanted to see if you were awake...  The media is terming the hack as a glitch, but then the media states what it is told to state – that’s called censorship.  Maybe the hack was a test.  Maybe the next ‘glitch’ will be our electrical grid.  Who really knows in a world where the truth is whispered and the falsehoods are glaringly mediatized.

Coincidentally, hackers and glitches also made waves for the Wall Street Journal and United Airlines today. Do we really believe that three major economic conglomerates all happened to have major glitches within hours of each other that were completely unrelated and had no commonality? If the media says so – we believe. Some of us…

Given China stated that they were not ruling out manipulation in their markets, vengeance is a potential scenario in hacking US conglomerates. Tit-for-tat. But while the recent hacking of the 4 million + US military records was blamed on China – there was never any definitive proof or follow-up to the accusation, it simply became the media go-to despite China’s government denying the claim. In addition, the hack actually took place December 2014 but our transparent government didn’t decide to tell us until June 2015 – 6 months later…why? Their proof that it was China was not proof at all by any legal definition, but a ‘deduction’ based on ‘gee, who else would have’? Not exactly the sort of proof lawyers and courts win cases with.

North Korea was found to have not been the source of the Hollywood hack and yet no other country or group was ever identified in the press.

A Syrian organization claimed responsibility in another US Army hack that occurred earlier in June. Where are they, these hacker Syrians? Hiding in caves?  Buried in rubble?  That seems a bit of a stretch to me given that Syria is completely, hideously ravaged – there is no infrastrusture left! Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that a bunch of rebel Syrians in a wore torn country with little to no electricity, no satellites, few computers and even fewer intelligencia could hack thru the US Army? What does that say for us?  Not very logical.

So what did Obama say about this? He said the US has outdated computer systems and is vulnerable to attacks. Well then, take some of that holiday in Hawaii money and UPGRADE! Good Grief Charley Brown. How absurd is this? How much does Wall Street make that they can’t have hack-proof computers and software? Or maybe we should train those 40,000 military personnel that are going to get laid off in the next two years to be computer hackers, IT systems analysts and engineers. Hello?

The US is the victim of more hacking than any other country in the world!  Hackers for hire on the shadow network can be had for as little as $8 per hour. So what is our grand government doing about it? For one thing they are pounding the world pavement claiming that global warming is the Chicken Little that will destroy us all while hacking has the potential to grind everything to a screeching halt – tomorrow, including; electricity, the IRS, Hospitals, airplanes, trains, hydro dams, nuclear facilities, Wall Street, defense weapons, pipelines, shopping…(well it is important to some folks)!

What should we do?

What we shouldn’t do is shuffle our feet complaining at how antique our computer systems are! If Syria can bring us down – then we are just pathetic.

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