CLINTON – A Foundation of Grease

Foundation; an establishment created to assist, finance and complete projects on behalf of non-profit entities. They are organized under the IRS as a charitable entity 501(c)(3), exempt from tax, and are restricted from engaging in any political activity. In addition, the IRS stipulates:

  1. restrictions on self-dealing between private foundations and their substantial contributors and other disqualified persons;

  2. requirements that the foundation annually distribute income for charitable purposes;

  3. limits on their holdings in private businesses;

  4. provisions that investments must not jeopardize the carrying out of exempt purposes; and

  5. provisions to assure that expenditures further exempt purposes.

A private foundation is required to make a minimum annual distribution of 5% of it’s assets based on the previous year’s asset base.

In 2013, according to the financial statements released by the Clinton Foundation, they had expenses totaling $222,396,102. Of that amount $78,983,670 was for salaries and benefits – which represents 35.5%. Travel was $19,198,501 – representing 8.6%. Consultants were paid $16,698,196 – representing 7.5%. Conferences were $11,195,554 – or 5%. Meetings cost $7,470,295 – or 3.4%. Occupancy and Office expenses were $11,632,612 – 5.2%. Direct Program Expenditures was listed as $29,435,281. These expenses are loosely defined as staff salaries, travel and consultants. That would be 13.2%. There was actually one category that showed the foundation actually participated in a charitable cause; UNITAID Commodities Expense – $28,647,779. That would be 12.9% of total expenses went to a charitable cause.

Revenues for 2013 amounted to $294,741,158. Expenditures actually benefiting a charity would thus be 9.7%. Not very overwhelming.

Another way of saying this would be; if you donated $1000 to this foundation, $97 would benefit some charity. Hmmm, what could be the real reason? Gee willikers.

Her donor list includes:

Over $25million – Gates, UNITAID, and a couple of Guistra foundations (who surprisingly sits on the board), and the Netherlands Lottery.

In the $10-$25million range we have – Government of Norway, Saudi Arabia, an Australian government organization, Dominican Republic, as well as some very prominent billionaires in Scotland, UK and US.

For the $5-$10million range – Qatar, government of the Netherlands, Kuwait, the Swedish lottery, and a Saudi/Ethiopian businessman, Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi.

Supposedly we are to believe that these are all in the name of philanthropy and charity. Supposedly, we are to believe that there is no ulterior motive. But then, according to Ms. Hillary, the majority of the American people are pretty naïve and well…stupid.

In reality, no one gives to a foundation charity that openly donates a meager 9.7% of its funding toward any actual cause. The obvious political motivations are so transparent as to be nauseous.

Not a lot of truth found here.

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