WEF AGENDA: Eliminate Government in Favor of CEO Stakeholders

Who is attending the Davos Summit is nearly as important as who is not:   “This year’s Davos summit is reportedly being attended by 2,700 participants, including more than 600 global CEOs, 116 billionaires and over 50 world leaders.” The obvious phase out is World Leaders in favor of billionaires and CEO’s. Why? Because a “Stakeholder Global Government” is part of the Agenda.

And according to John Kerry, climate Tzar, he and select human beings were chosen for this mission to save the planet.   And saving the planet is an extraterrestrial event.

According to Schwab and his cohorts, ‘competition’ is at the central point of all that has failed our economic system. In their world, globalization emphasized cooperative economies.   But like Prodigal Sons and Daughters, we left our cooperative wealth redistribution commune mentality behind and this is what has caused all the strife we now face.

Not the mismanagement of global governments, the greed of CEO’s, the embrace of neo-Nazism and Communism – the fault is ‘competition’.   Historically, without competition, the commodity being manufactured is of much poorer quality.   China was the perfect example for decades;   Inferior products, faulty products, unsafe products, products that easily broke.   That would be the motif of the World Economic Summit billionaire convention.

Join forces to make ineffective, defective products so as to wean our consumption.   However, our overindulged consumption is also exactly what makes these CEO’s billionaires.   SO how can they sell nonwealth to the wealthy?

A completely different world.   A world dominated by AI and Transhumanism.   “A world wherein stakeholder capitalism measures the value of a business activity not by its short-term profit but by its impact on people and the planet.”  

But that is NOT the mind of man.   Man is defined by competition.   Man is defined by power.   Man is gluttonous by nature.   As John Kerry put it;   only the select few human beings will survive. They won’t need the commodities we crave today, because AI will replace – everything – within an alternate universe or dimension.

That would be the “SALE”.   A sale that cannot be achieved without external help.   A science that may have already far surpassed what we are led to believe is possible, but only the select few can embrace. The select few being those with money – because money equates to wisdom and knowledge…  And money equates to governance.  Hail The Vatican!    (Heil, as in Heil Hitler, actually means salvation and is typically used in reference to God).  

Bill Gates invented nothing.   He did utilize a great marketing ploy to steal and manipulate those who did the creating.   Meaning his mental acumen is likely ‘average’.    A really good Salesman. The acumen of politicians mirrors that of CEO’s.   They are salesmen – not entrepreneurs or scientists.   They see a slick campaign and tool it to their benefit!

Klaus Schwab has milked the World Economic Forum members since 1971.   FIFTY YEARS!   Not as the purveyor of anything beneficial or substantial to the world – but as a good salesman.   His degrees and background lack ‘substantiation’ and could just as easily be described as ‘disinformation’.

John Kerry’s biography reads like the man who married wealth for profit.   And the so called elite are more likely to be created resumes, biographies, and profiles born of a novelist.   Except their editor couldn’t delete internet history fast enough.  Death of a Salesman is actually a metaphor for the rebirth of the salesman mentality;   once the sale is made, they have no more interest or connection to the sale.  (I married one).

Like the CEO’s Schwab decries for excessive capitalism, he garners an annual salary of over $1million while promoting his ‘books’.   Although Schwab has been credited with writing a number of books on his Great RESET, all would seem to be authored by others with a notation toward Schwab…   His degrees would appear to be honory with the exception of his bachelors wherein the Swiss Institute of Technology was required to take every student that applied.

In my opinion, honorary degrees demean a person and demean the degree for others.

Oddly, the WEF Davos 2023 forum notes Joe Biden’s successes as a platform for all other governments to follow in implementing the RESET.    We are thus the model for all other countries to follow in the achievement of a Communal Communist authority.

Which is to say that as a complete brain dead puppet – Biden is the epitome of what all government leaders across the globe must become.   Which may be the reason they decided to give the Summit a finger this year as the true view of their future becomes ever more clear.

CHINA: The Davos New World Order W/O Jinping

Shortly after Brandon took office, the price of a barrel of oil was roughly $21 – today it pushes $80 as the US Administration attempts to destroy Russia’s oil rich country…   But oil isn’t the only commodity spiking – escort services for the Davos members starts at $2500 for an evening – a 100% spike. But apparently, those that didn’t make their reservations are sorely out of luck as the high priced agencies are completely booked for the entire Davos Event!  There are 20,000 registered sex workers in Switzerland.

In the World of Davos Elites – there is really only One Commodity – Money. And the entire Agenda is how to obtain more of that number one commodity.   Inside this enclave which functions much like the Vatican, there is no Law.   Nothing is illegal.   It is closed to most media with the exception of those owned by the government, such as BBC, NYT and CNN echelon chosen executives.

The Reported Agenda and daily briefs are superficial.   Parties, Suites, and Private Rooms are the true decadence.

Davos is a chosen destination given their limited crime, which is typically isolated from elitist view.   Ranked quite high in the ‘indexes’ which measure crime and peace globally, the rankings are a product. The product is paid for.   And The People offer no valid opinion.   The metric rules and those that create it are minions of the Power Cartel.

The index is created by The Institute For Economics and Peace which is collated by their partner The Economist Intelligence Unit.   The entire charade is owned by the Economist Group which publishes The Economist.   The group is owned by Rothschild, Cadbury, Schroder, and Exor NV (the Agnelli family in Italy).

The Economist Intelligence Unit is staffed primarily with Chinese and Indian economists whose expertise is ‘algorithms’.   Their latest analysis as well as most analyses involve China.   China is the focus. Why?   Because China does not have to conform to ANY dictums.   They are immune.  Thus they represent the CORE.

The Latest Opinion piece by EIU discusses the opening of China’s market again to Australian coal. The import had been banned since 2020.   While making no mention of climate change, Davos Agenda, and Green Weenies, the article simply emphasizes the capitalist boon that this will create for Australia.   The focus is wholly on MONEY.

In fact, their main focus of the global economy is centered around China.  Because every major Banking and Hedge Fund operation is a talent of China. And the demonization is simply to scare away investors while reaping the benefits in the closed Cartel.

Despite China continually declaring their alliance with the Net Zero philandering of the WEF, they have no intent of complying with ‘anything’. In fact, it appears China is staged to horde global supplies of energy including gas, oil, and coal.

But that is not all that is being hoarded. China and Russia now account for 47% of the global phosphate production, ie fertilizer which is driving up agriculture prices.

Biden’s plan? When Biden and Jinping met to discuss worldwide inflation and recession, Biden read from his note cards while Jinping sat laughing.

The cards told Biden that the US was considering $250 million to support American fertilizer production with the caveat that it is ‘sustainable’.    Sustainable fertilizer is defined as – the fertilizer production method must reduce greenhouse gases and be produced through renewable energy sources…   Is that possible?

The end all meaning is the cost of American fertilizer will be 300%-400% greater than anywhere else in the world.

And a pattern begins to emerge. The means for income redistribution is through sustainable vs unsustainable price deviations.   And China is the sole and largest country that will never comply while simultaneously ‘pinky swear promising to comply – sometime in the neverland of the “Future”.    Making them CENTRAL.

China’s greenhouse gas emissions are consistently higher than it’s supposed 2nd place winner – the US. In fact China’s are double the US.   Assuming we can even believe the ‘algorithm measurement’ supplied by the Elitest Rothschild!

According to the EPA the industry that causes the greatest amount of carbon dioxide is the electricity and heat sector.   Over 60% of our electricity in the US is generated thru fossil fuels.   When we deplete our fossil fuels – we are depleting our ELECTRICITY!   Which explains why rates are double this winter.  And explains WHY our governments want us to consume MORE electricity…

China is hoarding an array of other commodities, including food.   By the past summer 2022, China held in inventory 70% of global corn, 60% of global rice and 51% of wheat.   China is the world’s largest producer of wheat, rice, and potatoes. It is the second-largest producer of maize and the third-largest producer of sugarcane. When the Experts and Economists focus exclusively on Russia Did It – they fail to mention these tidy tidbits!

When it comes to food stuffs, China outpaces all other countries including the US to the tune of roughly 3 to 1 ratio.

While Biden has been bleeding our resources dry, blowing up manufacturing plants, shuttering gas exploration, and looking to ban meat thru various culling means of livestock and fowl, China has been busily hoarding. With our permission. With our money.   And with our government’s assistance.

In order to create the Communist dystopia desired, China is a necessary integral component.   And the entire Disinformation Campaign is designed to temporarily propagandize China as the number one enemy – when reality would indicate China is the number one ally – until and when Jinping can be eliminated by the Cartel and a New Puppet Can emerge as The Master!   At which point CHINA will become our Manifest Destiny!