Inflation Reduction Act: America’s Final Economic and Societal FALL

The “Inflation Reduction Act” has already begun its corporate re-imagination via – Layoffs!   Facing more taxes, more regulations, and negative growth, the true effects of the recession are only just beginning!   The construction industry has flatlined. The resultant domino effect has yet to ‘trickle down’.   The list of companies are a S&P who’s who of seemingly inflation proof companies paring down.   The brakes are on, and the plane is skidding across the runway with America’s Economy a sandstone building at the end of the airstrip.

According to various tax interpretations, driving down corporate growth will only add to the destabilization maneuvers.   While Manchin was a dominant holdout, after a few months of ‘pressure’ by Bill Gates, he caved to the destruction of his own country.

As people lose their jobs – they lose their homes.   A by-product of the RESET.   But it is a Pre-Programmed AI.

The mantra by the logistics of The Economist would have us believe that people are quitting en masse due to poor executive management and simply finding a better job – a revolving door.   True there is a shortage of qualified candidates for upper management but the biggest hit is among those companies who hire the meat & potatoes staffers.

The percentages vary from 5% to 17% of employees within any company being ‘laid to rest’ which is in direct contrast to the BLS supposed algorithm of ‘unemployment’ stats.   JP Morgan has predicted a 20% to 30% market hit.   And in the 18 months Biden has been in the WH, his Handlers have spent over $3.8 trillion of taxpayer funds.

Although Politicians spew the phrase ‘China is our Biggest Enemy’ righteously before their constituents, corporations are NOT leaving China at all!   In fact business is booming because regulations are nonexistent, and bribery is less costly. The same mantra as Cartels and the Mafia.   However, there is another loose thread:

Given the desire by the WEF to destroy the economies of western nations, corporations still need a source of income to survive!    WHERE?

McKinsey and Company have offices across China as does Cheney’s husbands law firm.   Hunter Biden still owns shares in Chinese companies.   Pelosi is tasked with nurturing lithium production for her son Paul.   And Bill Gates is still busily handing out polio vaccines which cause a form of medically induced polio which is very different than the wild polio that ravaged the globe. Pakistan would seem to be a focus – although Israel is always a willing client.

Family Planning remains one of the largest benefactors of the Bill Gates Foundation.   Simultaneously, African Development remains a major source of Gate’s ‘charity’.   This would indicate a widespread genocide of African citizens in favor of forced emigration, forced sterilization, and forced death jabs.   Culling a continent for the Future Colonization.  AFRICA – are you Paying Attention?

One venture of the Billy Foundation is to invest In Adjuvant Capital which is currently focusing on ‘rebuilding Ukraine’.   Every time the West demolishes a country – the rebuilding is a MONETARY Golden Ring!   Another Adjuvant partner is KFW which advocates for ‘responsible consumption’.   Within their ideal of a waste free globe, and a ‘circular European economy’.   This novel idea supports the concept of ‘recycling’.   Of course – that’s the distraction.

Other partner organizations that invest in Adjuvant include the same old boring Ford Foundation, CDC, Novartis, Merck, MacArthur, etc… all of which seem to focus their pictorials on Africa.

The crux of these charities is always the same – pull back the red curtain and reveal the ‘microfinancing Mafia Game’.   Because in Africa and Latin American Countries there is no such thing as usury.   And the microfinancing Ponzi scheme is quite largess – 30% interest, 30-60 day loans.   It’s the MAFIA all gussied up in elitist Cult Wealth.

What becomes glaringly obvious is that the Mafias and Cartels and Cults of history have simply renamed themselves in order to appear legitimate and honorable in their actions and dealings.   The minor cartels and gangs we are led to believe are the progenitors of our chaos, is a – disinformation campaign.     The purpose of which is to hide the identities of the true revelers in Destruction.

Soros/Schwartz used his Nazi –Third Reich connections to cultivate his rise in the Chain of Mafia Lords.   His absolute depravity and hatred of human life and conscience garnered him his position.   The Bankers took a back seat from the Media in order to protect their ‘self –defined reputations and appearances’.   SO Soros became the elected internal official to be the Glory sucker of all evil.

So why Choose China as the nation of Alliance?

During the Mao Regime, Chinese people were subjected to such fear that they became silent subjects of the CCP.   During the Stalin Regime, the Russian people were subjugated.   They obeyed without revolution.   And over time, that mentality was an ‘evolution’.    The Chinese People have effectively been trained and genocided to acclimate to the ideal of a Totalitarian subservience.

This mentality is what the Current Elitists Covet.

Stalin was said to have been poisoned. Like Hitler, Mao may have died as a result of pharmaceutical overdoses. And despite both their legacies roiled in multimillion deaths – they are still revered.   WHY?

It would appear that the Obama/Biden Handlers are utilizing the same conceptual legacy of these death monger tyrants in concluding that the tens of millions who died as a direct result of their policies were simply sacrificial

lambs in the equation.   And the benefits – outweighed the cost of death.

This is the same mental deviation that the Liberal Lefts espouse – including their Maoist Leader, Hillary Clinton  in her proclamation –  “What Difference Does It Make”?  IF you don’t see a difference – then you may be a brainwashed Liberal…

2 thoughts on “Inflation Reduction Act: America’s Final Economic and Societal FALL

  1. Why china? Because the chinese mind cannot fathom such concepts as individualism, individual liberty, free thought , etc. Red china is (((their))) next stop because it is paradise to them – a massive population of slaves that have no value of human life, are obedient to ‘authority’ and are easily replaceable. (((who))) do you think was behind mao and financed him? (((who))) do you think has been funneling Western tech, money and manufacturing there, whilst at the same time making it nigh on impossible to continue those activities in America or Europe? Read ‘the Protocols’ or the talmud… they tell us right up front.
    And schwarzstein/soros was/is no ‘nazi’…cut that out. Do a tiny bit of research.

    • I have read the protocols- I have researched mr Schwartz and I write a blog- you don’t. So maybe you need to do quite a bit of research to catch up

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