The Economist Cover – 2017; prophesizing and demonizing

The Economist is a media magazine that is run by The Rothschilds, advocates for very Liberal and Progressive politics, and promotes ideals of Soros, the Clintons and occult mysticism.  Each year they produce a cover that is supposed to predict the coming year.  while Trump was missed in their crystal ball, they are amusing in their voodoo prophesizing and demonizing.

The cover:

A possible analysis view of The Economist 2017:

  1. TOWER

IN Tarot, the Tower signifies darkness and destruction on a physical scale, as opposed to a spiritual scale. The Tower itself represents ambitions built on false premises. The lightning bolt breaks down existing forms in order to make room for new ones. It represents a sudden, momentary glimpse of truth, a flash of inspiration that breaks down structures of ignorance and false reasoning. The tower is being broken in two by the powers of China/communism and the powers of the Christian faith.   They are to blame for the destruction.


Trump sitting on a US flag that is wrapped and draped on the world while holding in one hand a septer and in the other a globe with three spikes emitting. The planetary ruler of this card is Pluto, ruler of the underworld. The innuendo is that Trump is the ruler of the underworld.


A pyramid possibly representing Egypt and two coliseums representing potentially Rome and Greece interconnected to the masks of entertainment shown as grief and happiness, a red and black book which could represent the death of fame in literature, and a picture frame representing landscape art. Above this trinity is the new world represented by an open Bible and a portrait painting.


IN Tarot, The Hermit stands alone on the top of a mountain with a lantern in his hand. Mountains typically symbolise achievement, growth, and accomplishment. The Hermit has attained his spiritual pinnacle and is ready to share his knowledge with others. He is also continuing the path he has chosen, committed to his goal of ultimate awareness. The star in the lantern is a six-pointed star (the Seal of Solomon, a symbol of wisdom). The staff carried by the Hermit is the patriarch’s staff, a symbol of the narrow path of initiation and an emblem of power and authority. It represents the Hermit’s ability to use his isolation and the knowledge he has gained as a tool upon his path to reach even higher levels of awareness. The staff is in the Hermit’s left hand, the hand associated with the subconscious mind. Unlike Tarot, this Hermit wears a robe of red and stands over a cracked earth – Beneath him he watches the masses of people who protest for the defeat of the EU and TTP.   He is called to step back and realign his thinking and reflect as he is adorned with the red cloak of blood.

  1. DEATH

Death riding a white horse and brandishing a machete as the locusts represented in the end times of the Bible begin to descend. He oversees the nuclear explosion that is decimating the world while he stands over a dead, dried up river, blades of wilted black grass and nuggets of gold?   In the background the red sun representing terrorism.


A man wearing ancient roman robes and holding up a septer. Behind his head is a yellow circle representing a divine being, and the infinity symbol representing for all time before… and on his face he wears a virtual reality goggle. His finger is on the button of a 3-D machine which is replicating 4 buildings all exactly the same because he has no vision of the four primordial elements of earth, fire, water, and air.. He represents the bridge between reality and virtual reality.


The wheel has three figures bound to it, Angela Merkel of Germany represented by the German flag, Marin le Pen represented by the flag of France and Mark Rutte of the Netherlands. Merkel is wearing red, Rutte is wearing a red tie, and Le Pen is dressed in black. The ballot boxes below are already filled.    It would appear that the candidates wearing red are the chosen winners.


There are 14 8-point yellow stars creating a rectangle formation with a comet in the middle and 10 smaller white stars spattered about. Each yellow star has a picture of someone in it. They are situated above a red cratered planet.  A comet that is passing through the constellations (14 stars are the 14 astrological constellations) is said to represent the message: through partnership we rebuild our image of leadership.  The eight points of the star may also refer to the eight points of the magazine cover…


2 thoughts on “The Economist Cover – 2017; prophesizing and demonizing

  1. Ever since that infernal red and blue map burst upon us after the 2000 election with the colors in reverse of what they should have been, there has been some confusion that rides along with references like in this one to those colors.

    Before that map, the “reds” were always the Communists, the socialists. That’s why the Chavistas in Venezuela are forever wearing red.

    But now kids reading in history books about the “reds” might think it’s a reference to conservatives. If you think there can’t be any kids so ignorant of historical terms like that one, go view a few Youtubes of interviews with them.

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