Hillary Health Crisis

Clinton collapses while attending the NYC memorial for the 9-11 terrorist bombing and the victims. While the justification is that she had heat exhaustion, the facts do not support this excuse. First – while the temperatures did rise to 80’ during the day, she was at the memorial in the morning when the temperatures were in the upper 60”s and the skies were cloudy. What is also apparent in the video clips is that those around her act as though they have been through this before. Their attitudes appear nonchalant, ritualistic, as in here we go again…

She arrived at the ceremony late, her hair undone, looking rather hard and harsh, her years quite visible. About 50 minutes later she is leaving and while propped against a pillar waiting for her car, as the car arrives she begins to collapse, ultimately falling onto her face into the car, dragged into the vehicle and whisked away.

Secret Service immediately take their respective positions to deflect any camera’s, cordon the area so that the press are not allowed to leave, and she is – removed.

What are some of the medical reasons people faint? Malfunctioning lungs or problems with blood circulation, diabetes, severe dehydration, hypertension, abnormal heart condition, atrial fibrillation, stenosis, MS and Parkinsons.

The problem is exasperated by the fact that she denies anything and everything, and frequently provides false answers to the cause only to change her mind shortly thereafter. Which fuels the conspiracy theories. Huma Abedin describes her as often confused, she has had multiple ‘fainting’ and ‘falling’ spells, multiple coughing episodes that she can not stop, and the infamous bathroom break that took 20 minutes during the middle of a debate.

And so we are left to hypothesize. If she would tell the truth then there could be no conspiracy theories. Novel idea!

In February it was reported that she had reverted to wearing her post brain damaging fall special prism glasses and had a seismic coughing attack. It would appear that the first event took place in 2009 when she fell walking to her car and fractured her elbow. The cause of the fall was not discussed, only the fact that she had surgery on her elbow. But since then, the falls, the coughing fits, the disappearances from the press all seem to be more and more frequent.

What we do know is that allergies do not cause confusion, blood clots, and fainting spells. Allergies do not cause a concussion or the use of ‘prism glasses’. So let’s back off the ‘allergy’ justification – please.

While there seems to be a plethora of media outlets claiming she has Parkinson’s, the major symptom – a resting tremor – has not been seen. The WikiLeaks memo from 2011 regarding the drug Provigil which is used for narcolepsy and sleepiness does not coincide with the Parkinson’s trait of ‘insomnia’. However, Provigil is also used to treat sleepiness in Multiple Sclerosis – MS. The typical MS symptoms include: dizziness, heat intolerance, poor balance, vertigo, difficulty walking, muscle paralysis and weakness, double vision or vision loss, difficulty raising the foot, and difficulty thinking.

One of the primary complications of MS is ‘pneumonia’.

These symptoms would seem to match more closely the behavior of Hillary – needing a footstool to get into her security van, needing assistance to walk and climb stairs, heat intolerance as was described in NYC when the temperature was only about 70’. Double vision, falling, etc…

If in fact Hillary’s health is not what it should be, it is up to her to decide if she prefers to step down from the race, in which case the DNC would choose a replacement. The most likely candidate would be Biden who would usher in another bout of Obamatronics under the ear mic drama of the esteemed Soros.

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