Christians The Cause of Major Wars…

I recently had a very informal debate with an intelligent woman who received her degree from Stanford and taught high school biology for decades. The debate targeted terrorism/Islam and ultimately ‘the fact that religion, most notably Christianity, was the cause of WWI, WWII, the Bosnian conflict, Rwanda genocide and of course, The Grand Inquisition. WOW!

The cited source for her information/factual statement was – Obama.

I have to admit it is the first time I have heard of anyone making the claim that these wars were all caused by religious divide and Christianity specifically.   With the exception of The Grand Inquisition which began in 1200 A.D., none of these wars had anything to do with Christian aggression.  Apparently, this accusation gives righteous cause and indignation for the plight of Muslims today, who are being systematically and unjustly persecuted by – Christians.   They all just need a Big Hug!

I am reading a book by Darlene Diebler Rose in which she recounts her story of being captured by the Japanese and spending four years in a prison camp enduring some of the most despicable torture treatment one can not even – imagine.   There is no mention of Japanese hatred for Christianity, and while the causal factors that led to the war with Japan are very complicated, they deal mostly with trade and sanctions, not religion in any context.

And while this woman I debated is highly educated, she has allowed herself to believe something that is completely, inexplicably false and pits Christians as the root cause of most wars.   Although she could research the statement, she chose not to and instead embraced it simply because it came from the mouth of a true Biblical wolf – Obama.

Within that same debate frame, she bravely called on me and Trump to stop instigating ‘fear’.  What?

It is an interesting perspective to say the least, but unless we try to listen we can’t debate. Still, at the core of her argument was her fact that Christians are at the heart of all the trials and we just need to be more accepting of the plight of Muslims.

Other Liberal views condemning the Mexican border wall provide statistics on how ‘better’ the money can be spent on college tuitions, or houses for the homeless, or health care.   Which are all noble causes, but simply giving away money fails to address any problem and instead creates a new entitlement. Hence our broken Welfare System.  It is the proverbial band-aide to cure cancer. As in, ‘do you give a man a fish or teach him how to fish’?

Simply giving a homeless person a house does nothing to solve the reason they became homeless, which is most often rooted in mental diseases. Giving away free college for one year does nothing for the next generation who will pay through their noses. It ‘fixes’ nothing.

Providing more and more healthcare for our esteemed veterans also does nothing to solve the core problem – sending them to fight atrocious wars that we have no business being in, or that we have created in an effort to generate wealth for a select few who capitalize on the tragedy and terror – IS THE PROBLEM. How much money did the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers make during the course of wars?   Our servicemen wouldn’t have mental issues and ptsd if we utilized them for far greater purpose than war.

Imagine if instead of war, our servicemen were stewards of this planet? Saving our land, our beasts, our oceans, with non-political science that has absolutes instead of theories and guesses and agendas.

Obama was given the Peace Prize before he even had a chance to show the world – peace. Instead he showed us the continued Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the complete desolation of Syria, conflicts in Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, the rise of Boko Haram, Turkey, Mali, South Sudan, Niger, Chad, and Burundi.  The list continues – in the legacy of the Peace Prize…

In fact, I would venture to say that there have numbered more conflicts during the Obama presidency than any other previous US president.   Coincidental? The disruption of our planet for the purpose of creating chaos is not an accident. It is planned, systematic, and created.

Not by Christians, but by the Atheists, the Socialists, and the Communists, under the guise of an Open Society without walls or borders.  Imagine a White House without walls, borders, security, guards, guns, and Air Force One?  It is notable that George Soros’ house in New York is surrounded by a very Grand Wall.  A veritable Fortress…

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  1. What astounded me was that she is an intelligent person and yet has absolutely no knowledge of our history while demanding that black history is so under-told… She is a pagan who doesn’t realize that these wars are about pagan power – not religion, and that is so very discouraging…

  2. I went to a debate yesterday where a very wise Austrian economist Walter Block was one of the participants. (Search the Rothbardian Circle of South Florida and the America Future Foundation, the sponsors)

    Walter Block is also an anarcho-capitalist as am I, and is an atheist, but he has written that Christianity has been a net positive influence whose fruits in history has been to increase respect for freedom.

    The Inquisition was brutal on Bible-believing Christians, because they exposed the inquisitors as hypocrites and that they did not believe the Bible. World War I, WW2, and almost all the wars of the 20th century and 21st were done by pagans who snuck into positions of power. Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary put the Eye of Osiris (Isis?) –the Masons and Illuminati eye and pyramid– on the dollar. The Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 24, 1913, after the more Christian and honest ones had gone home for Christmas.

    Mr. Skull and Bones Bush used to guffaw with scorn about the Christians working at the White House. Hillary replaced the Christian art around the WH with gremlins and other ugly occultish things.

    Hitler was a pagan if anything who swore he would extinguish Christianity and restore the old Teutonic pantheon of gods. He loved to listen to the dark Teutonic music of Wagner.

    The officially atheist regimes that abolished the religions of the 20th century massacred more than 100 million persons, and that’s on the more conservative side.

    You can’t use the example of authorities who act like they don’t believe in the Golden Rule to condemn the people who act like they do. Jesus gave us the measuring rod: By their fruits ye shall know them.

    I always wondered why it seemed like right at the end of times (the “end-time”) Russia (Gog, Magog, Meshech) would be ascendent. But it seems Putin is a guardian of traditional and Christian values more than in the U. S. A. at this time.

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