Self-Identifying and Prescription Meds

If a 5′ Swedish women can rightfully identify as a 6’6” black man, then can a house really be a tree? Can the percentage of blacks in the US not really be 12% but self identifying 90%? Can a fish talk? Can a man marry a frog? Can someone who is flunking school claim they are really getting a 4.3 gpa? Can a dead person really be alive and can a fly inherit a person’s estate? Can a murderer really be a saint?

At what point do these sad entitled, misguided, uneducated, self absorbed children grow up? Maybe we can use a bit of reverse psychology – as in the teacher identified the A student as a failure, flunked him/her and promptly expelled them… or the real tuition isn’t $25,000 but sees itself as really $250,000 – ante up Missy. Maybe the teacher should identify all the students in class as monkeys and have them rounded up by the zoo and caged for eternity. Or maybe that empty glass is self identifying as filled with water and that’s all the student gets to drink…

Who parented these Nederworld beings anyway?

Someone had to actually raise these misfits and send them to respectable universities where they view reality as Alice’s Wonderland. Maybe they have been so indoctrinated by video games and virtual media that they have no grasp of reality and only Madonna can define it for them? Or Queen Bey? Who crowned her queen? That’s truly a virtual reality!  Did she even graduate from a high school?

Maybe a better question would be, “What do you see as reality in this world?” Maybe Bernie Sanders is a Hologram. And Sadiq Khan is a devout Jew in drag… Syria is really a glorious thriving country filled with wealth and bountiful lush forests and wetlands. There are no refugees, they just self identify as such but are all really relatives of Paris Hilton…

Reality: the state of things as they actually exist – rather than as they might be imagined.

Psychosis: a serious mental disorder characterized by thinking that is so impaired it indicates the person has ‘lost contact with reality’.

What causes psychosis? The most common term that defines psychosis is schizophrenia. The classic hallmark of which is – delusion. The primary causes include a brain tumor, genetics, Dementia, Parkinsons, and infections that impair the brain. There are also prescription drugs that can cause this type of psychosis including; opiates, steroids, thyroid meds, amphetamines – in fact, one table lists 78 different prescription meds that could cause – psychosis.

Facts: The US accounts for 75% of the world’s prescription drug use. 46% of all high school students in the US currently confirm they use addictive substances. 15% admit to ‘misusing prescription drugs’. Of course, these stats can only confirm who is willing to tell – the truth.

So while we make fun of these kids and their bizarre behavior and emotional irrationality, could the bigger problem lie in the prescription drug industry? When a prescription can cause such debilitating side effects as chronic gambling, sex addiction, criminal activities, suicide, hallucinations, the desire to kill, are we creating a generation of psychotic malfeasants? Are we really paying attention to the – reality?

Because if we simply accept that these kids are just weird or goofy, when in fact their brains have been chemically altered to a state of delusion and psychosis – who is avoiding reality now?

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