LIBERAL MEDIA Self Flagellation!

While the “Liberal Media”, aka, The Washington Post and others, are obsessed with Trump’s maybe, maybe not, external affairs, what they fail to note is that no one cares – not Liberals or conservatives.  Because, we ALL know that if we were to condemn every optician in the country for an affair, with the exception of Mike Pence, there would be – NO ONE LEFT STANDING! Not male, female, or anyone in-between.

To further claim it is grounds for Impeachment is just simply – ludicrous.  Our courts would be jammed for eternity with cases of impeachment if this were the criteria.   But the Media seems oblivious to this fact.  The media is also, most likely oblivious to the fact that most reporting on this have likely been involved in an affair.

So let’s just make having an affair a crime!  Immediate jail sentence.   Flagellation.   

Of course, the fact that Barrie Obama was a druggie who bought and sold cocaine and pot, was just Barrie being a good ole boy…

The fact that McCain was a womanizer who may or may not have been responsible for the explosion of the Forrester that killed over 130 seamen – how dare anyone bring that up!  Shame.

France’s presidents have affairs, have mistresses, marry women old enough to be their grandmother… no big deal.

And if that isn’t bad enough, a writer for said publication has stated that what Trump really needs is a wife – like Hillary!   A Hillary wife would get him out of all his troubles with the media…  What?

This is the Independent, unbiased news coming from the slough of the mouth of babes – The Washington Post.   The news that is considered true and trustworthy by the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Google!   These truisms must be circulated widely so as to support freedom of censorship…

The Wapo author goes on to sweeten Hillary as supporting her man despite his involvement with Monica Lewinski, The Whitewater Scandal, the multiple coincidental deaths, and a soured ‘reputation’.   What a bizarre mental schizophrenic thinking process.

Apparently, Hillary was so stupid she knew nothing.  About anything….?

Apparently, being a drug dealer is no big deal, and adultery is cause for beheading.

The article goes on to depose Melania because she isn’t giving multiple media appearances and exposes in which she denies any and all of the Liberal claims, goes on the record, and dies by her man…

In fact, they are goding Melania to do a Hillary take – deny, deny, deny, lie, lie and lie, so that one day she can pretend that she never defended a rapist…  err, for those who don’t remember, that was one of Hillary’s most high profile cases.

The Washington Post, and by default, Amazon, have devolved into a position whereby they no longer even attempt to pretend they are unbiased, nonpartisan.  Their plate of headliners include:   Perspective

Yada, yada, the list goes on and somehow becomes so ugly that it isn’t the headline that matters, it is the ‘headliner’, Wapo.

Of course, despite these headliners coming from the Liberal NYT, WAPO, CNN, etc… they seem confounded as to why they might be considered anything but sweetness and sugar…  and defend their impartiality as though they are deeply offended.

In fact, CNN has gone so far as to blame white nationalist narrative for the coverage of Molly Tibbetts who was murdered by an illegal:

“At the same time, the Tibbetts case has laid bare the uncomfortable reality that not all dead girls in America are mourned the same way. Those who do not fit into the narrative of white women in danger of being raped and killed by lurking brown men get comparatively little attention, and consequently little or no portion of the nation’s compassion.”

Written on behalf of CNN by “Rafia Zakaria”, this coverage of the brutal death of Molly is Immortalized…  Rafia is of Pakistani heritage and advocates for Muslim women rights.   She obviously thinks that white women in the US should be ignored in favor of more humanitarian tears for Pakistani and Muslim women from – well Pakistan and the Middle East where US population statistics reveal LESS THAN 1%.


“Given a 1.5% population statistic, Christians, along with other non-Muslim minorities, are discriminated against in the Constitution of Pakistan. Non-Muslims are barred from becoming the President[21] or Prime Minister.[3] Furthermore, they are barred from being judges in the Federal Shariat Court, which has the power to strike down any law deemed un-Islamic.[“

Certainly that cannot be from such a tolerant nation as Pakistan…

“Several hundred Christians, along with Muslims themselves, have been prosecuted under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, and death sentences have been handed out to at least a dozen.”


“On March 27, 2016, at least 70 were killed and over 340 wounded when a suicide bomber targeting Christians celebrating Easter attacked a playground in Lahore. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing.”

The US Media has lowered itself to self flagellation.  I am reminded of the Monks who beat themselves with iron balls riddled with spikes in order to teach them humility and suffering…    Of course, the secondary story today is that these same Monks are now storied to be alongside the Catholic Priests in their child sexploitation…  another article altogether.