The Nation of Israel is a Zionist Corporate Operation of Mossad



Despite the Israeli War, the Ukraine War, and failing economies, CSIS (Center For Strategic and International Studies) is still triggered by – China.   “Tracking China’s Navy Modernization…”, “Rethinking Technology Transfer Policy for China”, “What The Sunnylands Statement Means for US/China Climate Relations”.

The Sunnylands Statement was first negotiated in 2021, and never implemented.  After 2 years of further nonnegotiating, CSIS has determined progress is being made.   Apparently, the US disinformation campaign has determined that China agreed to parallel the US strategy in reducing methane and fossil fuels.   The Reality?   China went home from the San Francisco Summit and began construction on 300 new coal plants.

Why is it that 2021 targets became 2025, became 2030, became 2045, and are now 2070?   Because everyone delineating the ‘targets’ will be long dead and their fruition isn’t about fruition, it is about money.   The money laundering pool in Ukraine is dried up.   The Israel pool is redirected to Israel’s Slush Fund, and the Green Fund is redirected to the Banking Cartel’s usury microloans.

2024.   Chaos is being planned in wake of the 2024 election and Americans are being warned it will upend America in nearly every corner from the reoccurrence of BLM and Antifa Riots, to mass layoffs, to bankruptcies, to unprecedented fear mongering – ALL of which will be amped via AI across social media and our decrepit news entertainers.

And according to the esteemed Economist rag, it will be China’s fault.   The Goal Is To Place China in a Firm Second Place.

“…as China’s rulers prepare for an age of division and great-power competition, they will present their country as a defender of global unity.  To advance their first goal, Chinese leaders will accuse America and its allies of stoking a new cold war. They sense an opportunity to dislodge the West from the centre of world affairs. Their criticisms will have an economic component, too. With global growth slowing.”

Setting the stage for the next reel of media entertainment, the dialogue has been established – attack CHINA.   The reason?   BRICS.  The US is petrified that the BRICS power movement will intensify in 2024 leaving the war mongers destitute, depleted, and sitting atop a $40 Trillion Bonfire of the Vanities.

Russia is offering Americans a chance to save ourselves by moving to their country.   China is temporarily opening their free VISA program to encourage European travel.   Klaus Schwab is hiding while the WEF wants to cover our waterways with – solar panels.   Yes – really.  What could go wrong?   Here fishie fishie…

While the WEF attempts to create the illusion that everybody is happy happy, The Economist has declared that 2024 will see a global recession.   Somehow, these two tied at the hip organizations are not gob speaking and haven’t got their stories straight.

The illusion that the US and UK are global peacekeepers working toward democracy has been shattered.   The Hologram has revealed an incomprehensible evil bent on disorder thru starvation, death, and constant wars led by governments engaging in pedophilia, satanic rituals, and trafficking of money, children, and slaves.  There is no way to say this other than at face-value.   Only when we recognize what these people have done, can we dissolve and eradicate the tyranny.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We have only one candidate willing to go thru the desert – Trump.  Robert Kennedy, Jr., is NOT the target.   He has pronounced his awe and pledge to Hillary Clinton.   A perfect VP choice for Trump would be Sarah Huckabee Sanders; level, balanced, female, insightful, highly intelligent, and above reproach.   Her loyalty and her word are solid 99.9% gold.

The CIA has a venture capital fund called, In-Q-Tel.  The Mossad has a venture capital fund as well – Libertard Ventures – founded in 2017 to invest in high-tech start-ups.  Both agencies are funded by their respective governments via taxpayers.   But Taxpayers do not share in the profits from these Funds.   Nor do they pay taxes because they are, well –  secret.

MOSSAD/Israel –

According to the Mossad’s Libtard (yes, I know) Fund, they invest in entrepreneurs and startups.   In return, “they do not require shareholding in the company but are granted a non-commercial, non-exclusive license for the use of the company’s IP, developed at the time of engagement with the fund.”   This is basically the road map for how the CIA ran Twitter.

The Mossad has now been linked to 9-11, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Jeffrey Epstein and The New World Order.  The collaboration between the US CIA and Mossad would seem well trenched in every nefarious event in the world to catalyze a constant realm of chaos from which to paralyze countries.  Epstein and Maxwell were their pimps tasked with creating blackmail via acts of filmed pedophilia to OWN Western governments.

The entire 9-11 task was to create a common enemy – Islam.   ISIS was formed to eliminate the Shia’s.   And Al Qaeda was formed to enhance a terrorist mentality so as to establish a sharp division in the Middle East with Zions maintaining a victimhood propaganda position justifying War.

Mossad is NOT our friend.  They and the CIA are The Cabal.  The media and political fray of Rhinos and Liberals are erupting because they fear the truth will be realized.   Their blackmail will be made public.   And their treason will fill Guantanamo. 

The Zionists and The False Prophet Pope have worked in conjunction with each other to destroy the common denominator that has the Power to upend their entire Agenda – God, religion, belief.  Francis was tasked with destroying The Catholic religion.   The Zionists were tasked with destroying the Muslim religion.   Because faith in God is Satan’s Last Hurrah wherein he will be cast to the sea of fire.

Verse 8 &9, Psalm 72:

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. 9 They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust.

The verse used by Palestinians to designate God’s Israel is literally a fragmented version from The Bible.  It cannot and does not apply to secular Zions because they don’t believe in religion or THE BIBLE.

IF Zionist Israel is not a valid land, then what is it?  

In 1968, Israel Corporation was founded with Shaul Eisenberg and the Israeli Government whose PM at the time was Levi Eshkoll a Zionist who established some of the first ‘settlements’, succeeded PM Ben Gurion, and with the extol of President Johnson, precipitated the Israel 6 Day War against Palestinians.

Israel Corporation, Ltd, is the holding company of Israel Corporation which spun off multiple subsidiary ventures in 1999 and 2007 including:

Kenon, based in Singapore, Tower Jazz based in Israel in partnership with China, Zim, the largest Jewish NGO in the world – founded in 1945 by the Jewish Agency For Palestine, Israel Chemicals, Oil Refineries, LTD, Tower Semiconductor, which owns 51% of Taiwan’s Nuvoton, Qoros, founded in China, and IC Power, operating in Latin America and The Caribbean.

Idan Ofer, an Israeli billionaire, took control of the Israel Corporation from his father.   He sits on the advisory boards of Harvard and Council of Foreign Relations, co-founded The Carbon War Room for climate change which became The Rocky Mountain Institute with offices in China.  RMI’s CEO is Jon Creyts who came from McKinsey & Co.   The Israel Corporation works in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, which was a powerhouse for Nazi scientists post WWII via the CIA.   Ofer is a member of the liberal labor party.

THUS, Israel and China are intertwined in the Israel Corporation that defines Israel as not a nation – but as a Corporate Entity.  Which is why the China Bad syndrome is a deflection from China/Israel partnerships.   The deflection is victimhood – The Power Grab behind The Red Curtain is the Zionist Cabal – and the ‘rethinking’ of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion…..

ISRAEL Has Lost The Propaganda War = A Price on Netanyahu’s Head

Germany’s Baerbock,  “ceasefire would leave Israel unable to defend itself against Hamas.”  The most advanced military in the world would be defenseless against a brigade that has no uniforms, little weaponry, and sporadic training.  An interesting admission.   A military that has been equipping itself with every advanced capability for decades needs more weapons to super-dooper destroy Hamas – via the US depleted arsenal.

So, how does one identify a Hamas member of the Qassam Brigade?  Social media attempts to detail any male person as Hamas, and possibly children, given their advanced training.   So far, the only pictures of Hamas have been men wearing sandals, tee-shirts, and trousers.  When Israel claims to have killed a Hamas member, how do they know?   Do they have ID cards in their pockets, ‘I am Hamas’?

The propaganda is rife, but it is horrifically sloppy.  

An X post by a Pro-Israel male continues to upload stories of atrocities purportedly committed by Hamas.   Most recently, the story was a funeral of a twelve year old girl at the kibbutz in Be’eri, not far from the “Rave Trance Festival”.   The Times of Israel, grieved over the brutal slaying of such a young girl at the hands of ‘barbarian Palestinians’ with the caption “ALL MUST DIE”.

Attending the funeral was a survivor of the same assault, Yasmin Porat.

Porat gave an interview of her eyewitness account October 15th.   Within the unedited version of the interview, Perot describes a much different picture of the siege at the Kibbutz that took the lives of 112.  According to her account, Israeli forces fired indiscriminately into the house where she and others were being held by Palestinians.   When she and one Palestinian emerged, the last alive, and she cried for a cease fire she saw her friends dead on the ground.   She and her captor were allowed to leave the house whereupon a tank fired two mortars into the house blowing up the house, the bodies inside, and reducing the scene to ashes.

Hannibal Directive.  Israel last utilized this highly controversial directive in their fighting against Gaza in 2014.   The Directive is basically akin to ‘carpet bombing’ wherein civilians and other military personnel will be eradicated along with any enemy.  It allows soldiers to fire at escape routes, ie, the Festival roadways, cars, etc…   It is an unwritten Directive employed by the Israeli military at command.  Created in 1986 during Israel’s war with Lebanon, it was considered the equivalent of a cyanide tablet – better dead than a hostage.

In 2006, Israel brokered a prisoner exchange in which 1000 Palestinians were exchanged for one Israeli soldier.   The media humiliated Israel’s PM Olmert’s decision as weak.  As such Netanyahu expanded the Directive to allow for the complete civilian and military razing by IDF commanders.   Such was the other PR disaster in which Israel deployed Apache Helicopters to blow up everyone at the Rave with ground troops opening fire at anyone trying to ‘escape’.

These accounts have been reported by various Israeli media outlets, some edited, some not.   By contrast, the PR released by Netanyahu declares beheadings of babies, rape, torture, etc… without any evidence.   Doctored video’s, cropped photos and video’s, and even asserting bodies of Palestinians brutally marred and tortured – were in fact Israelis.    Netanyahu’s propaganda campaign is LOSING.

But the journalists came out of the woodwork.   They dug deeper.  Even the ‘tunnel system’ exposed in a doctored and edited video is suspect… measuring 5 meters?   Hardly a tunnel.   More like a bomb shelter.  In the 12th century, the Knights Templar built a vast tunnel system under Palestine one of which opened into a port city for the safe transport of treasures.   Some of these tunnels have been discovered by archeologists, but there are likely many more that remain undiscovered except by – perhaps Hamas.

The employment of tunnels for military use has been a tactic of nearly every battle – including the tunnel salt mines of Ukraine.   The fact that the IDF cannot seem to locate any other than the small bomb shelter beneath the hospital is an embarrassment, not an achievement.

To Date, the IDF has killed 44 journalists and 88 UN Peacekeepers.   To date, Israel has deployed some 500,000 soldiers to kill 25,000 Hamas members – and failed miserably.   Instead, babies, children, animals, and women make up the vast majority of those murdered.   In defense, the justification is ‘they voted for Hamas’ therefore they are just as viable a target for death.

But it isn’t just Baerbock refusing to support a ‘ceasefire’, it is every day citizens across the US and EU who openly declare that every death is justified – including premature babies, because it is Hamas fault.   The same Hamas installed by Netanyahu in 2014 to counter the PLO.

A deal brokered by Qatar for the release of some hostages is nearing its final announcement.   So far, the deal seems to include the release of 50 Israelis over a 4 day period.   While Netanyahu holds over 4,000 Palestinian prisoners, their release has yet to be officially stated.  However, the BRICS are unified in calling for a complete ceasefire, and Saudi Arabia is calling for a total sanction on any exports to Israel.

The UN, South Africa, and many Middle Eastern countries are calling for Israel to be held ‘accountable’ for war crimes.

But the damage done will live a long time with Israel’s blatant campaign for genocide, and their ignorantly sloppy propaganda campaign of covering for atrocities committed against their own civilians under the guise of the Hannibal Directive.  Israelis are angry.  Not at Hamas – but at Netanyahu’s command to kill Israelis.


Election 2024 is going to be poisoning!   Democracy will never recover.   Bolton claims Trump’s campaign is ‘poison’.   The Economist claims 2024 will be poison.   Biden says Trump echoes Hitler.  Trump’s lies have meant threats, harassment, and a poisoned dog.   FEAR is frothing at the rabid mouths of the Liberal Media and Rhino bases in a desperate attempt to relinquish responsibility for an abject FAILED economic dystopia.

The media is toasted.   Sparring over inconsequential terms, they resort to childish playground bully pits to invoke their gnashing of teeth.  The better truths include:   Argentina’s Milei victory could upend Western control of the whole of South America.   The Ukraine War is over and the West lost against their arch enemy – Russia.  Global support for the secular Israel tanked overnight with a rogue Netanyahu jeopardizing the Secular Ashkenazi Cabalists’ Hologram image.

The beasts are screeching.

Argentina’s economy had at one point paralleled that of America, albeit at a lower level, until debt collapsed the growth trajectory resulting in a debt restructuring to survive.   Punished by America, inflation peaked at nearly 55% in 2019 before the “Pandemic” destroyed global economies.   The Socialist president, Fernandez, managed to increase inflation to 100%, institute tax hikes, price freezes, debt default and excessively high poverty rates.

Fernandez ran Argentina utilizing the same policies as the Biden Handlers with the express authority of Pope Francis.  It appears President Milei intends to completely overhaul the government, diminishing its oblique power structure, and returning a form of nationalism until the economy can be rebuilt.

Milei’s 2014 exposure to The World Economic Forum is being asserted as his disqualification, however, the mention could simply be a press release and nothing more.  He has denounced the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030, climate change mandates, and cultural Marxism.  According to the Jewish Chronicle, Milei is reading the Torah within a Sephardic rabbinical Community – as opposed to the secular Zionists.  Ultimately, his actions will speak.

The Economist has already declared the Ashkenazi Cabal will vehemently fight this Argentinian reformation.

Lloyd Austin made a surprise trip to Ukraine today to reassert the need for a military overhaul, and deter the possibility of a Zelenskyy coup by the remaining population.   Military defectors have made the pilgrimage to Russia en-masse.  Austin is desperately pronouncing Kyiv as a clear War Win because Russia did not reduce it to rubble highlighting this grand achievement is the best the West can offer as a media Parlay.  The fact remains, Kyiv was never the target for Russia as they stipulated from the onset – Bioweapon Labs, The Minsk Agreement Diplomacy and Nazi’s were their issue.

Despite Ukraine’s Azov Battalion’s Nazi history, Israel’s Netanyahu adamantly supported Zelenskyy in the Western backed incursion against Russia.  While Israel did not provide weapons, it is likely due to their pre-emptive ongoing bombing raids of Gaza and the West Bank.   A military cost that could drive Israel’s economy into stagnation and debt.

After the 2014 Maiden Coup in Ukraine, 1.5 million Ukrainians fled to Russia.  An additional 2.8 million have fled since the 2022 incursion representing the largest refugee destination.  A boon for Russia given a declining population.

Netanyahu’s PR campaign utilizing AI imagery and false claims is falling flat.   The Biblical references justifying the genocide of Palestinian Semites are heresy when spewed from the secular mouths of pagans.   And a deep schism has been unearthed that was NOT the game plan intended by the Cabalists.  Netanyahu’s popularity in Israel has plummeted to just 4% and leaders across the globe are calling for him to resign and be charged criminally by the ICC.

But ego fuels Netanyahu and he is staunch in his ‘right’ to genocide.

According to an analysis by CSIS, Center For Strategic $ International Studies, Israel has the potential of ‘losing’ the war due to their justification assertion and failed PR.   The infrastructure devastation in Gaza resembles end world scenarios.   Rebuilding is not possible.  Netanyahu’s attempt to muster sympathy continues to be shred as new revelations emerge that the IDF may be responsible for many if not the vast majority of Israeli deaths as they utilized Apache helicopter ‘carpet bombing’ on the ‘festival’ and the bombing of “Hamas” tunnels which purportedly house the Israeli ‘hostages’.

The attempt to claim that the IDF soldiers were in fact Hamas wearing IDF uniforms has proven to be false.   Instead, the focus is on the barbaric massacres implemented by the IDF.  And the CIA/Mossad PR attempts are continually revealed as fake.  The end result will find Israel estranged from global nations, and the US government on par, further moving the election away from the Democrats and the pro-Israel independent – Kennedy.

On a lighter note, the Brazil government is investigating former president, Bolsonaro, on charges he harassed a whale while riding a jet ski dating from last June.  The charges stem from a complaint by Human Rights Watch, a Soros organization bent on harassment of – well, everybody.   Bolsonaro’s response, “the only whale that doesn’t like me on the esplanade is the one in the ministry,” reportedly referring to Brazil’s minister of justice, Flavio Dino.

Our Universe; A Hologram of Reality Within 1 of 6 Dimensions

I am now labeled a Marxist because my anarchist view is the belief in PEACE.  

Post WWII when the CIA covertly brought Nazi’s to the US and planted them inside our most secretive military installations, the onset of the ideology of transhumanism was born.  Altered brain behavior was trialed by the CIA utilizing techniques adopted from the Nazis.  Conspiracies proven true under code names that became a part of the Church Committee investigation that included not just the CIA, but NSA, the IRS, and the FBI as well.

The ultimate purpose was to alter human behavior.   To create minds that could be bent by machine.  To effectively, eliminate humanity as it is known in its present existence.  A new species.  Bred and born of slavery.   A species that would never revolt.   Never question their lack of humanity.  Wherein death was simply a switch turned – off.

While the transhumanist’s declare the purpose is to expand the physical and mental power of a human, the lesser expounded values include;  1.  greater productivity – people will work as an automaton.  2.  Nonsensical things such as vacations, travel, art, writing, music etc… will no longer be necessary within a virtual reality of existence.  3.   Conversation and applied thought will become unnecessary as our feed dictates.

The Trans Movement is simply another experiment in redefining humans into nonhumans via mind and physical trauma.   Having perfected the behavior transformation disguised as Big Pharma, the AI evolution is designed as the final stage with an end date of – 2030.

Despite the Church Committee findings of rampant torture, corruption, and abuse, none of the intelligence agencies or personnel were charged with a crime.   And despite pinky swearing to cease and desist from these criminal actions – they expanded exponentially.   Including biowarfare against every citizen across the globe via diseases, vaccines, and prescription medications.

Havana Syndrome is simply another CIA intelligentsia trial to deactivate brain function via sound waves or pulsed microwaves, or laser technology.  Despite claiming the syndrome was caused by the Cuban government, the US intelligentsia later retracted that statement claiming it was not initiated by foreign adversaries.   Since then, the entire conspiracy faded rapidly as some turned their fingers on the CIA and the issue was shelved.

Much of the work performed for our intelligence agencies is commissioned and coordinated thru NIH, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins, DARPA, Salk Institute, the Allen Institute, the Kavli Foundation and The Rockefeller Institute.

One such development that was sponsored by the US intelligentsia and the Kavli Foundation is ‘terahertz’, a nonionizing form of radiation that can cause damage/death to cells and DNA and has been shown to alter behaviors at high powerAka, Havana Syndrome and aggressive behavior syndrome.   “Terahertz-based EW systems can potentially disrupt or disable enemy electronics by generating high-power, directed energy pulses that can cause physical damage or induce temporary malfunctions.”

Since the closure of the Church Committee, the power of the US intelligence apparatus merely expanded exponentially until it became the blob covering planet earth.   In 2021, Johns Hopkins spent $3.18 billion on R&D.  Total R&D spending by Universities was $90 billion, the vast majority of which is taxpayer government funded.  NIH spends over $30 billion on R&D.   Amazon spent $73 billion.  The DoD spends $96 billion. The 2022 US government budget for R&D was over $171 billion.  Black Book Accounting….

In 1978 one such experiment created by the DIA in collaboration with the CIA was called StarGate:

“Drawing on ideas of quantum entanglement, the report claims it may be possible for human consciousness to profoundly alter the universe since reality is holographic projection; the part encodes the whole. In this understanding of reality, everything is deeply connected in a matrix of interconnected energy vibrations, from your consciousness to the depths of the universe.”

A form of – Gestalt.

The Project focused in part on ‘Remote Viewing’.  While the official statement is that RV was discontinued in 1995 as a failed experiment, an NIH paper released June 2023, discusses its ongoing research and the empirical evidence of – success.

In 1983, the CIA created a paper discussing the Gateway Process.  US Government once attempted to research “altered states of consciousness,” using brain hemispheric synchronisation, or “Hemi-Sync” techniques.  The purpose was to separate from the hologram reality and escape restrictions of time and space.   And contemporary theoretical physicists say the holographic universe theory is not only entirely possible but a probable explanation for our universe at large.

The Holographic Principle

The holographic principle, first proposed by Nobel prize-winning theoretical physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft, is one of many theoretical explanations of our reality.  Hooft is a Dutch theoretical physicist whose work has concentrated on gauge theories, quantum gravity and black holes.  Gauge theories encompass dimensional regularization and holographic principles.

“The three-dimensional world of ordinary experience––the universe filled with galaxies, stars, planets, houses, boulders, and people––is a hologram, an image of reality coded on a distant two-dimensional surface.”  It was from this theory that the ‘flat earth’ concept was created, albeit without the entire scientific philosophy attached.

The concept of the Holographic Principle was combined with the CIA’s Gateway research to discover how to breech the hologram reality and see what is reality.   Enter CERN.   In 1997, the US entered Observer Status with CERN in a $531 million agreement package.  The same ‘string theory’ that was used to support the Hologram phenomenas espoused by Hooft, was also applied by CERN.  The ultimate discovery  revealed there are at least 6 dimensions of reality.  These six dimensions may be opened to the naked eye via the Gateway Process.

May 2023, CERN announced it had opened a portal into another Dimension.

Israel’s Slave Trade & The Pentagon’s Failed Audit

The Construction industry in Israel is short 100,000+ workers because they fired all the Palestinians in the labor market.   Now they are looking to replace the Palestinians with Indian laborers as in Israel’s slave trade, an ongoing trafficking business that has existed for over 30 years.   Common in the Middle East, Israel sought the same leverage of underpaid, undocumented, trafficked labor from eastern Asia, in particular India.   Now that Gaza has been razed to rubble, the need for bulldozing in preparation for the Ben Gurion Canal is amplified.

“In early November, thousands of Palestinian workers were forced to return to Gaza on foot after being dropped off several miles from the Israeli-Gaza border wearing numbered tags on their ankles.”

Human Rights abuses have been documented for decades and yet nothing is done.   Agriculture settlement farms use Palestinian children as young as 11 to pick and clean vegetables for Israeli’s.  Many children don’t go to school.   They get paid $19 a day, 6-7 days a week, 8—12 hours per day, in violation of every international labor law.   For Palestinians, education is superfluous because there are no jobs.   They are the peasant workers and the Israeli government condones this.

Foreign workers, including Palestinians, must pay a monthly work permit fee of $780.  In addition, labourers from India typically are charged $25,000 payable to an employment agency which provides loans at 8%-10% interest for repayment.   If the slave reports the blackmail, they are deported.  Forced prostitution is rife in Israel with the vast majority of women trafficked coming from Ukraine, Russia, and Palestine.

The Police are ordered to ‘stand down’ and do nothing.

In the words of Ben Shapiro, these people are simple minded barbarians who deserve nothing better.   Dehumanization.

Palestinian men working in Israel are paid roughly $77 per day before deductions for fees and taxes.  They represent roughly 70% of Israel’s Construction labor given the vast majority of Israeli’s work in professional occupations.

The War by Israel has opened a Pandora’s Box that can never be resealed.   Netanyahu has managed to reveal a system of criminality, persecution, and genocide amidst a regime based on rules of supremacy.   The Ashkenazi’s unveiled is a far more totalitarian engagement than the mass hypnosis presentation filtered through rose colored glasses.   It has been known by the US government, the UN, Amnesty International and many other human rights organizations for decades, and yet – Israel specifically chose to ignore reality and continued its pretense.   Subjugating any foreign worker to slavery, the pariah is exposed.

Today, South Africa called for criminal investigations into Israel’s proxy genocide by the ICC, backed a motion to close the Israeli Embassy, and called for the complete suspension of Israel ties.   Of course, anyone who makes such a motion is immediately labeled a terrorist backer or a Marxist to discredit, demonize and dehumanize.   A liberal tactic employed on Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and any country that so agrees.

Despite claims of a massive tunnel system under hospitals, the IDF has failed to show such a network.   By deflection, the patients in such hospitals, mostly children and women are bombed relentlessly as cornered casualties of war – unable to flee.

Taking its toll on media positions, another story is buried:  The Pentagon FAILED its sixth audit.  Inventories are fudged.   Money is unaccounted.   “With $3.8 trillion in assets, $4 trillion in liabilities, and little meaningful oversight, the potential for waste and fraud is immense, according to the Government Accountability Office, which has included the department’s business systems modernization and financial management initiatives on its “High Risk List” – a list of federal programs most susceptible to fraud, abuse, mismanagement, and waste – for nearly 30 years.”

Accounting for funds sent to any country, including Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Israel will never occur.  Despite consuming over 50% of the discretionary budget, they are in the hole.   The $3.8 trillion in assets – cannot be accounted for.   Yet Congress wants to send more funds to ‘everywhere’.   A Deep, dark HOLE.

The US and Israel have destroyed their respect as more media journalists open the glass doors and the parasites are unleashed.   Our Intel agencies are staged.   Our justice systems are purposefully stained with the foibles of Ashkenazi disciples.   And still – The Rothschild Economist Screams from rooftop to rooftop, “Trump Poses The Biggest Threat To The Globe in 2024”.  WHY?   Because Trump will upend America’s World Order.

The fact is, The World Order as perceived by the Cabalists is already dead.   It was not brought down by President Trump, it was brought down by corruption at an unprecedented level among governments and NGO’s.  Trump will take the reins of an America that is significantly poorer than revealed with debt that can never be repaid and a monetary system that has bankrupted the American Citizens.   Not one US Agency is a legitimate procurer of fiscal responsibility.   The Books are COOKED and CROOKED –  The GOLD is gone.

The Economist believes this can be blamed on Trump.   But their short-sighted death march has spiraled the global economies devouring the West.   And The People across the globe know it.   We see it.  We report it.   And We hate it.  What Donald Trump provides is an old school Military Soldier mentality.   He is fighting this destruction with every fiber of his existence and winning.   No one is afraid to call out the Ashkenazi’s any longer.   Their victimhood has been played out.  And The Protests Reveal PEACE is the overriding Agenda – Labeled Marxist.

Israeli War: Assumptions vs Realities. An Analysis –

Today is Wednesday, November 15, 2023;  A) The Pentagon is revealed to have been buying oil from Russia despite the embargoes and sanctions imposed by the US government via The Pentagon.   B)  Nikki Haley has revealed that Hillary Clinton has always been her mentor – gush gush.   C)  And Israel has a nuclear bomb facility in the Negev Desert – exactly where the ‘Music Festival’ occurred…   Only the concert was slated to take place October 12-14 2023 NOT October 7th according to the IndNegev website. 


  1. The Nova Music Festival was October 6th and 7th – upwards of 200-300 young people were killed by soldiers dressed in IDF uniforms using Ak47s having arrived via trucks and paraglides.
  2. The Re’im military base housing IDF soldiers within kilometers of the Negev Festival was attacked wherein, all IDF soldiers were killed.   Within 8 hours the base was retaken by the IDF.
  3. The Nova Music Festival is held annually in Israel since 2014 in the desert.
  4. Most Bodies of all Israeli’s dead were burned to ashes.  Unrecognizable.  No DNA available.
  5. Hamas used Pereg golf carts to abduct over 200 hostages
  6. Egypt claims it gave Israeli Military 4 days of advance warning of a potential attack
  7. All IDF soldiers at the Re’im Military Base were killed in their beds at 6:30am.

*Re’im, the supposed location of the ‘deadly attack by Hamas on the Nova Music Festival’ is guarded by an Israel Defense Forces base since 2008 located near the Kibbutz so as to be out of range of any potential Hamas rockets.

*The only Negev Desert festival held in Israel is the Burning Man or MidBurn Festival held November 6 to Saturday November 11th 2023 since 2014.

*The Tribe of Nova SuperNova event scheduled for October 6-7 was held in Bahia, Brazil.  A small event website dedicated as a pre-event festival for the Brazil Nova Festival is available here:   The ticket seller as described at the bottom of the page is listed as “A Little For The Soul LTD”.  A company search reveals Amir Ophir as the Director.   Amir Ophir is employed by the US Consulate Embassy in Tel Aviv.

*Tribe of Nova Facebook page has not been updated since 2021.   The CEO is listed as Nimrod Arnin, a former IDF officer who did NOT promote the Nova Festival for 2023 at all despite promoting the one in 2022… and nothing prior.

*Accounts vary, some have accused Hamas as wearing IDF uniforms.   Others claim the IDF was shooting its own soldiers.  Pictures of Hamas militants provided by Israeli media show them wearing sandals, tee shirts and no helmets.  Yet this had been planned for months.

*There is no footage of Hamas Soldiers wearing IDF uniforms.

*There are two photos of Hamas, wearing tee shirts, driving Pereg golf carts with hostages – one such hostage is bound completely in a white sheet while the other is an elderly woman who appears unfazed.×1881.jpg?w=1300&q=70&auto=format&dpr=1×3837+0+1/resize/767×511!/quality/90/?

*Netanyahu and his Defense Military have no explanation of why the 4 day warning from Egypt was ignored.

*The entire surprise attack took place during daylight – 6:30am.   Soldiers are routinely awakened at 5am sharp.  At which point they begin Physical Training.  By 6:30 am they are fully engaged and yet heard nothing prior to being attacked.

*The US has a Military Base in the Negev Desert housing upwards of 5,000 troops – Site 512.  None anticipated or reacted to the Hamas attack.

*The US has another base in the Negev Desert since 2017 – Site 883 housing Terminal High Altitude Air Defense Systems.  None anticipated or reacted to the attack by Hamas.

* The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has facilitated a significant amount of other construction projects in Israel through the Foreign Military Sales program, including at least two massive underground command and control bunkers.

*The Iron Dome is inoperable during the Hamas attack.

*Social Media posts include detailed descriptions of Festival survivors – one claiming 1.  Police and soldiers formed a roadblock at the Festival,  2.  2 people fled in a car by accelerating backwards – one shot in the shoulder.  They went to the Re’im military base but every soldier was dead.  They had been killed in the night.  13 terrorists stood at the base’s gate with AK-16s and sprayed their car from 20 meters away.   A bullet hit one in the car in the head and took part of his head off.  He and the wounded passenger got out of the car and ran with bullets being sprayed hitting one in the leg multiple times as he ran.  They jumped a barbed wire 3 meter high fence to escape.

*It appears there is no such thing as a Pereg Golf Cart.


Nikki Haley has refused to respond to the videos showing her gushing over her mentor – Hillary Clinton.

Despite numerous reports unveiled, The Pentagon has not released a propaganda denial of their use of Russian oil in violation of US government embargoes and sanctions.


Provided at Face Value ~

APEC Meeting in San Francisco – Xi Jinping is Center Stage

Xi Jinping is coming to town.   Gavin Newsom, who recently made a visit to China replete with a private photographer (Paid For By California Taxpayers) that attempts to depict Newsom as GQ material, has cleaned up San Francisco – temporarily for the occasion.   The ‘story’ is Biden is meeting with Jinping to discuss reinvigorating relations.   Secretary of State Blinken could make no inroads.   CSIS is still calling for a potential standoff war with China should they ‘make a move on Taiwan’.   It appears Newsom made some promise – pinky swear – that has intrigued Jinping despite the obvious pariah attitude taken by Washington.  What could it be?

The Tittle:   Governor Newsom’s trip to China was about delivering real climate action and creating opportunities for future collaboration and cooperation.

The Truth:   Newsom wants to be King of America and he is offering China a share of the spoils if China will rig the election in his favor 2028.

Unfortunately, the entire trip came across like a Hollywood extravaganza without George Clooney.   Meanwhile, back at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, they are busily prepping the US for a war with China over Taiwan.   According to CSIS, China is provoking and threatening Taiwan and a third war engaging the US is imminent.

According to The South China Morning Post – the US and China are planning on a Taiwan coup that would be mutually acceptable given the election is slated for January 2024.  This would appear to be one of the many bribes proffered by our esteemed Leaders of Malignancy.

Just in time to quell tensions, despite sanctions by the WH and one week after Newsom’s return, Chinese companies are being allowed to buy up US chip making equipment to produce advanced semiconductors.   The ploy is to lure China back into the grip of the US Royal Societies so as to quell the advancement of the BRICS.   Jinping does not strike me as the intellect who would allow a second burn.   It is more likely he is playing the weak Newsom by appealing to his grandiose ‘ego’.

The Rothschild Economist takes an even pithier view of China/US relations: 

“Chinese leaders will accuse America and its allies of stoking a new cold war. They sense an opportunity to dislodge the West from the centre of world affairs. Their criticisms will have an economic component, too. With global growth slowing, including inside China, leaders in Beijing will charge America and other rich Western countries with erecting protectionist barriers to free trade and imperiling the future of globalization.”

With this sort of analysis demonizing China just ahead of the so-called Biden-Jinping meeting, the outcome is likely to be rather predictable.   China will take the bribes today and deliver – never.   Why should they?

The idea that China has ANY desire to discuss Climate Change and fentanyl is laughably hypocritical.   Despite the US doling out billions to the Green Fund, there have been zero demonstrative actions.  Which fields the agenda that the money to bribe China will be laundered out of the fund whose cash balance is $7 billion+ on total assets of $11.7 billion as of 12/2022.  Annual expenses for 2022 were $638 million on income of over $2 billion.  Total project expenditures which includes the ‘administrative costs associated within the Green Fund’ have totaled a mere $3.8 billion since its inception in 2015.

FBI Director Christopher Wray claims that China is ‘the defining threat against America’.   Yet, Blinken, Newsom and Biden want to pal around with Jinping…   And the FBI and CIA are all aboard the hypocrisy train in a nonsensical bid to re-woo China away from the BRICS and into the Hellpit of fire called the West.   Somehow, Jinping won’t notice.   Somehow, the idea that Jinping doesn’t monitor every news piece to this regard coming from the West is quashed.  Because the beating drum demands the destruction of the anti-globalization movement.

Who and what are the defining responsible parties and actions that have taken China’s economy into a nose dive?

The Western version of an answer is:  China’s economy is stagnating, plagued by a real-estate crisis, high unemployment, dwindling confidence among investors, and other setbacks.  ‘Other’ would include a pullback of direct foreign investment of 2000%.   Ordered By The West in 2022.   In fact, the notion that it was CoVid ignores the reality of numbers which saw a doubling of foreign investment during the Pandemic.

The reasoning?  1.   Punishment.  2.   An attempt to derail/coup Jinping’s 2023 Re-election failed and the agenda is to make him appear worthless and weak among the People.

The APEC Meeting scheduled for tomorrow in San Francisco, includes 21 member economies.   In order to be considered a member, the country must have a Pacific Ocean border.   While Russia will be represented at APEC, the iCC warrant on Putin remains in effect and he will not be attending.  The two largest economies attending will be China and the US.

The APEC itinerary has been slated to include 3 initiatives:  interconnectivity, inclusivity, and innovation, ie, Sustainable Future via the “Aotearoa Plan of Action” via the Bogor Goals.   The Bogor Goals were created in 1994 during Clinton’s reign as a Manifesto to be achieved by 2020.   It didn’t happen, therefore, the Manifesto was amended to an end date achievement of 2040.

The fact that the US imposed trade sanctions on China and Russia in violation of the APEC Rules is certainly of significance and will likely be a point of contention in this San Francisco meeting.   Not terribly sustainable – and most assuredly NOT inclusive.  In addition, economies are hardly thriving given the actions of western nations in creating a climate of inflation, stagflation, and global instability.

But reality is far from the parallel universe we inhabit at the mercy of dictators and emotion driven chaos.

These Goals call for the ultimate elimination of trade tariffs and the acceptance of the successor Global Dominance of the World Trade Organization.  In other words, Bogor Rules stipulate that a global union of the UN, WHO, WTO, World Bank, etc… will become the defacto Monarchial Ruler.  

Ashkenazi’s & European Royals: The Fall off Rome Repeats Today

According to every available piece of annotated history, Roman, The Roman Empire, was founded by twin brothers, Romulus and Remus in the 6th century BC.  Twin brothers, they were part of mythology whose father was the god of Mars.  Because the birth was not of their mother’s husband, Amulius, he ordered his servants to leave them at the foot of the Palatine Hill whereupon they were suckled by a she-wolf until found by shepherds.  Romulus killed his brother over a conflict and shortly after founded Rome.  

This is asserted to be both Mythology and Reality.  There is no alternate account as to the rise of Rome.  Nor is there any account that Mythological beings do NOT still exist, albeit in alternate forms.

In mythology, the gods and humankind worked together to slay the giants and monsters which dwelled upon earth.  During this time they were considered the forces of “disorder and destruction”.  Roman mythology was written in prose and passed down through millenniums to be considered the basis of ancient history.  And no one has countered this history.

Mars, the father of Romulus and Remus, was considered the god of War and the guardian of agriculture.  The Western Roman Empire fell in the 4th century AD after large swathes of immigrant Goths, a Germanic Tribe, infiltrated the empire causing a loss of controlled subjugation via a cultural transformation.   Other contributing conditions for the Fall included a ‘Pandemic plague’ and ‘climate change’.

During the 5th century, Rome was at war with the Visgoths, and Attila the Hun before a Germanic warrior, Odoacer, conquered Rome creating its Fall in 476 AD and divvying up the spoils amongst themselves.  Rome and its Western Empire thus became Germanic during the Dark Ages.  While Eastern Roman Empire thrived under the Greek Byzantines until being conquered by the Muslims during the days of Mohammed.

The Empires of this era encompassed most of Europe, The Middle East and North Africa.

By the 9th century, Charlemagne ruled over Rome as the Holy Roman Empire via Pope Leo III who was of Greek and Arab descent.   Since the 8th century Popes had subjugated Emperor’s authority and were the defacto rulers.

Until King James of the 17th century, Popes ruled over Emperors;  they could anoint them, depose them, and assassinate them.  They had ALL the Authority and Power.   During The 22 Crusade Battles, The Knights Templar were the military wing of the Pope.   The Templar Knight’s headquarters was the kingdom of Jerusalem wherein they were charged with protection of the Christians in Palestine.

The Knights captured Jerusalem from the descendants of Ishmael, Abraham’s ‘other son’ via Hagar.  In 1307, Pope Clement V with the backing of King Phillip IV, of France, ordered the Templars to be assassinated.   The reason?   Debt.  France was heavily indebted to the Templar Knights and could not repay.   DEBT.

Today, every President with one exception could trace their Royal lineage to the Kingdoms of Spain, Britain, and France which represented all of Europe.   These kingdoms were continually linked via marriage in order to assure they would not be conquered.   The Ashkenazi’s trace their ancestral roots to various Germanic tribes including the Goths and the Huns, ie, the Roman Empire “after” The Fall.

The Romans assimilated into the Germanic Empire or migrated to northwestern Europe.  Today’s Ashkenazi’s are not Hebrew Jews, they are the ancestors of the Germanic tribes and include;   Soros, Rockerfeller, Rothschild, Morgan, etc…   During Rome’s rule under the Germanic Tribes, the charging of interest on loans was allowed, later the Catholic and Arabic churches considered charging interest ‘sinful’.   Therefore, the Catholic Germanics of Rome converted to Judaism and built the Banking Empire.   Usury interest at the time was 20% to 30%.

All of this explains the cycle we face today as the Germanic Ashkenazi’s align with the ancient European royals in their fete for conquering, disorder, chaos and Authoritarian control.   The Fall of the Islamic Ottoman Empire via WWI gave them back their European Empire.  And the Arabs were allocated a small desolate arena of sand.

It was 1938 when Saudi Arabia discovered oil, and the Royal Powers that be – The Germanic Rockefellers – took control.   The Rockefeller Empire ordered US Taxpayers to fund the Saudi pipeline via the New Deal to the tune of $30 million and another $25 million to build a railroad.   Aramco was thus ordered to develop the oil for Standard Oil owned by the Rockefellers.    For this privilege at the hands of Taxpayers, Eleanor Roosevelt was given a solid gold crown bedecked with jewels.  Taxpayers were given – NOTHING.

Rockefeller required an additional $165 million which he demanded from Roosevelt only to be declined.   Hiring a planted government official to secure a Roosevelt deal, the $165 million was coerced and fed thru the War Fund by FDR to Rockefeller – illegally.

When Japan began making inroads into the oil business, Rockefeller raged over the potential competition and incited them thru a slew of sanctions to initiate Japan’s WWII.

As the Fall of Rome was initiated via a ‘pandemic, climate change, and cultural immigration’, at the hands of the Germanic Tribes so is the US today – via CoVid, climate change and unfettered ‘illegal immigration’ from culturally deficient peoples.   Only the Germanic tribes are the Rockefeller, Rothschild, & Soros Ashkenazi’s.   The Royals and Ashkenazi’s are the US presidents working in alliance to extend their control and create what they have termed ‘A Global Empire’.

The CIA, Mossad and MI6 are the Knights Templar utilizing the IMF and World Bank as their usury debt bankers under orders of the newly installed corrupt Pope Francis who has the Authority to call for assassinations while leveling Palestine – not for Christians, but for the Royal secular’s who seek even greater profits of Middle East oil for themselves.

ALL while using Taxpayers to FUND their projects and deplete themselves into the peasant class of society in order to re-initiate monarchial Rulers.

NETANHAYU Hires Disinformation Tzars For Israel PR

An article appeared today in the Saudi government media site ‘Al Arabiya English’ wherein Jennifer Bell of Dubai writes about the Israeli Hamas war thru the eyes of Rita Katz.   Jennifer Bell is a far left liberal well entrenched in the  antics of the Rothschild Economist, BBC (government owned), CNN and WHO among others.   The fixation?   Deep Fake coming out of Palestine.  The company tasked with mitigating the posts on ALL Social Media on behalf of Israel, Dubai, and Washington – SITE Intelligence Group.

SITE isn’t a group, and it isn’t much of a site.  What it is, is a propaganda tool hired by Israel and Dubai to manipulate and quash the massive pro-Palestine, anti-War sentiment.   Founded by Rita Katz, her goal is to root out extremist terrorists by investigating white supremacists and Jihadists.  Born in Iraq, her Jewish parents fled thru Iran to Israel after her wealthy father was hung for treason.

According to the article, Katz is a self-described expert on Islam and terrorism.   However, she would also be the designated Truth Tzar for this Israel/Palestine war.   Because, only she can see what is fake and what is real.   Of course, given that she is working for Israel, her ability to be unbiased is – well – zero.

However, META is apparently fully willing to delete any account that Katz deems a threat to the Israeli mantra.   Although Katz declares the biggest bully is X, it appears she has yet to woo Musk.

Fake Reporter is another propaganda tool working in conjunction with SITE,– created by Israel as a ‘disinformation watchdog group.   Except there is No Group – they are anonymous – and they are a project funded by The New Israel Fund based in New York with offices across the US as well as in Israel, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.   The Fund claims it is working for human rights for the Palestinians living in the Israeli occupied areas…  Their goal is Israel.  Their funding primarily came from the Ford Foundation until 2013.

Fake Reporter’s entire propaganda agenda is to decertify media information coming out of GAZA and deem it all fake while ignoring fake Israeli media.

In 2018, Bibi, as he is affectionally known, claimed he made an agreement with the government of Rwanda to accept ‘migrants deported from Israel’.   Of course, those migrants were actually Palestinians.   Rwanda claimed no such agreement existed.    Clearly, calling the Palestinians ‘migrants’ is heinous enough – but to deport them would have been criminal.

When the world is supposed to believe that there was ‘no provocation’ of Hamas, Amnesty International has given a quite different impression of Israel’s 15-year war with Palestine:

“Israeli forces demolished al-Araqib village in the Negev/Naqab for the 211th time. A further 35 Palestinian-Bedouin towns in Israel were still denied formal recognition and residents faced possible forcible transfer. Authorities failed to process asylum claims for thousands of asylum seekers, and imposed restrictions on their right to work.”

Amnesty details instances of torture, collective punishment, restrictive freedom of movement, and war crimes, going so far as to call it ‘apartheid’.   That was In 2022.   “Through massive seizures of land and property, unlawful killings, infliction of serious injuries, forcible transfers, arbitrary restrictions on freedom of movement, and denial of nationality, among other inhuman or inhumane acts.”

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Fake Reporter Group or the SITE Intelligence Group were able to delete Amnesty International’s report and make the claim it is all ‘disinformation’.   Tragic.

The Groups backdoor connections with the Saudi and Dubai governments is, however, interesting.

April 2023, both the UAE and Saudi monarchies declared they would be normalizing ties with Israel and extended trade.   However, both also declared that the treatment of Palestinians must be remedied in order for the relationship to proceed.   This would account for Netanyahu’s attempts to radically alter the reality of the Gaza situation – place the blame squarely on Hamas – and work magic with public relations, ie ‘disinformation Tzars’.

The UN Director is calling for criminal investigations into Israel.   The tension between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his two leading generals, Benny Gantz and Yoav Gallant, is historical.   Netanyahu’s hawkish dictatorial command is known to drive wedges between Israel’s relations with Arab and even Western nations.

Bibi is not well liked by Israeli’s begging a rigged election that put him in office once again December 2022.   The Likud Party within which Netanyah was president, had lost its support from Israeli’s back in April.   According to Reuters, three months into Netanyahu’s term, it looked likely he would be ousted.

It appears that Netanyahu had this genocidal elimination planned sometime last year as his last hurrah to finally rid Israel of the animals and take full control of all the Land.   He knew no one else had the courage or mania.   He felt that with a plastic puppet in office in the US, the time was ripe.   And might never present again.   He did not anticipate the fallout.   His response?   RAMP UP attacks.  WHY?   Because, he will be stopped, and his agenda will subject him to the International Criminal Court.  He is willing to kill all Palestinians before his goal will be achieved.

No amount of damage control will save Netanyahu now.   The 2500 ‘volunteers’ he hired to create PR campaigns and discredit Palestinian claims has fallen flat.   The lavish, well financed, Jewish NGO’s littering the US will be forced to remove their support and claim the entire escalation is on Netanyahu – not Jews.  And all of the Middle East – will remember.

AI DEEP FAKES: A Hologram Matrix of Future Reality

We are being warned that by next year AI Deep Fakes will be dominant and no one will be able to tell the photos or videos are fake at all!   Which takes us into the Matrix of Deep Fakes used by our intelligence agencies.   Deep Fakes used by media propagandists.   Deep Fakes used by Hollywood.

Recognizing errors in current Deep Fakes has focused on hands, digits, teeth, and feet.   AI has yet to perfect the minutiae details.   As such, Deep Fakes typically present an unflawed face, no lines, no wrinkles, and a perfection of beauty.   Or they present as incongruent;  wrinkles under one eye but not the other.  Another give-away is facial hair.  AI paints hair on with a flat appearance or drawn lines.

Pictures can be framed and studied for inconsistencies, but videos tend to be much more difficult to discern setting up staged events with overlays and AI technology that can be used for propaganda.   Used to sway emotions.  Or to simply deceive.   As we approach the 2024 election, Deep Fakes are highly likely to emerge that confuse and scare populations to react outside of reality.

“Armed with the ability to make politicians and other public figures do or say anything, political bad actors can spread falsehoods quickly, potentially interfering with elections and public health initiatives.” ~Norton.  Some common mistakes a Deep Fake video makes today is a voice that takes no breath, eyes that don’t blink, a wandering eye, a mouth that is lopsided, NOT a lot to go on unless you study frame after frame.

But it begs the question – how much of war video is Deep Fake?    “Deep Fakes use footage, pictures and audio recordings of real people to create a map for a Fake video.”   Overlaying.  Underlaying.   Inserting sound.   And sometimes adding an extra finger or a backwards thumb.   For Example:  Recent Deep Fakes were released showing Michelle Obama pregnant.   But they used Michelle Obama’s face at today’s age, photoshopped, a huge baby bump, and exposed she had having six fingers.   Oops.  Everyone laughed.

A deep fake of Obama was released in which the voiceover was done by someone else who could mimic Obama’s voice and intonation.   Hollywood loves Deep Fake because they can alter an actor’s age, appearance, weight, and physique however they deem viable for their purpose.  Barbra Streisand could become svelte.  They can even resurrect someone who is dead and AI imprints mannerisms from being fed reams of old footage.

A positive usage is that Deep Fakes can be used in ads to promote the image of someone who is famous without paying them to act –  instead, perhaps they are paid an ‘image fee’.   AI can create the background, the sets, and Hollywood is now completely transformed and much less expensive.   The super stars no longer need to be paid exorbitant wages.   Artists are effectively eliminated.   Set designers and construction – eliminated.

Fine tuning the quirks – by next year, AI engineers claim those remaining quirks will be brushed out.   And reality will not exist.

How often has this technology been used to transport Biden to places he never goes?   To impose Zelenskyy in Kyiv when in reality he is snorting cocaine in his Italian Villa?   Body doubles will be out of a job in the political spectrum.   The point is the nefarious uses to mislead, to incite, and to deceive public opinion is MUCH more fearful than Hollywood glamourizing..

In their infancy, Deep Fakes were used in the Syrian War.   Poorly.   AI was not programmed for proper lighting.   The same faces appeared over and over in different rescue scenes.  It is highly likely Deep Fakes have been used in Israel’s war against Palestine.   Palestine doesn’t have the technology – but Israel most certainly does.   A Deep Fake photo of a ‘charred child’ was revealed – to be Fake.   The supposed interrogation of a Hamas prisoner was Deep Fake.   The obscurity is heightened when flipped and discerning Reality as Fake becomes a whole other problematic construct.

Supposed ‘Disinformation Tzars’ are in charge of making the call if something is Real of Fake – are they experts?  No.  There is no such thing as an expert person being able to determine fake vs real imagery.   We are thus left with an application that could literally foment WWIII and a nuclear response… Oops.

Some brain-flawed individuals have supported using authentication techniques instead of de-authentication.   Of course this has been WIDELY circumvented by ‘experts’ who create money, credit cards, identities, passports, etc…  ALL supposedly authenticated.   It is not unlike the security apparatus of computers is simply another challenge for the hackers.   Or the Modigliani’s sitting in the Louvre?   Are they real?   Why would Manet sign his artwork on the right of the painting and other times on the left?   Art critics – let it go.  Because the painting is hanging in the Louvre.  And art experts – well – make mistakes.

The Music Festival bothers me.   The video’s always focus on one or two particular images and everyone else is far away in the background.   Then there is the question – who is doing the videoing running backward 2-3 feet away from the closeup?   And why?   Where are the 200-500 parents grieving?   I think so far the media has presented perhaps 4…   Why don’t these young people have a social media presence?   I am not a Fake Video expert, I am barely an amateur.   But I do have valid logistical questions.

Because IF, the entire Music Festival attack was Faked, and used by Netanyahu as the impetus for emotional rage to seek vengeance and justification for the brutal chaotic bombing of Palestine while declaring them to be ‘animals’!   – This was a ‘test’.   For something much bigger.

Israel’s biggest failure in this genocide was anticipating the global alliance with Israel against Palestine.   Instead, the globe shifted to an ‘anti-war’ stance and an ‘anti-genocide’ stance that has leveled the entire West into cleanup mode on aisle 3, 5, 10, 15, 40, 10023…

Fatal Flaw – never overestimate your success.   Fatal Flaw –  In a 2001 video, Netanyahu is discussing his strategy for bombing Palestine; “To Strike Them Several Times So that The Strike is so Painful, That the Price Is Unbearable”.  This resonates with his mindset, his abject hatred, his desire for death so strongly, so discompassionately, he reveals a dark, dark soul, indeed.   Finding the ability to side with such a monster is core to the protests staged across the GLOBE.

“The Art of War Is A Road To Safety – Or, To Ruin.”