The Duggers vs. The Judges Throwing Stones

The Judgers have levied their 100lb thumb on the ethics and morality of – the Duggers. Here we have a family that includes 19 children and we are going to judge an entire family based on the actions of one child’s behavior ten years ago. How amazingly arrogant.

I ask any media Judge to bare the lives of their children. Let’s see we have suicide, divorce, drug abuse, theft, incest, and worse, yet these transgressions are confined and accepted. Why? Why is it okay for you and not okay for ‘those other people’?  When did journalists become a judges throwing stones?

Why is it courageous to change your entire body and personna, live a life that is a fabricated lie for decades, and abandon your spouse and children? Why is a transgression committed and dealt with ten years ago fodder for such a media frenzy not seen since coyotes ravaging the carcass of a rabbit?

The Duggers met the challenge with grace, humility and humbleness, but the attack is now broadened and the entire family is being defamed, libeled and dragged through refuse. Have you no shame media pundits? Have you completely lost your sense and sensibility? The reason you can’t seem to understand what they did, why and how is because you the media have no ethic, have no morality and therefore can not distinguish between good and evil. Using the whip of your pen you stone these people as though you have the moral right to do so and it is disgusting.

You don’t hear, you simply want to persecute. It isn’t about the Duggers, it is about the ideology of Christian thought. It is about the notion that a person who is secular can have the values of a brick and that’s okay, but a Christian must hold to a line that is no less than ‘perfection’. And it is perfection according to your standards.


So the real argument is that because the Duggers were not ‘perfect’, they had flawed in their perfection, they were therefore no longer qualified to be advocates for Christian values and had opened themselves up to the judges throwing stones.  It was their fault that they allowed themselves to be targets of media coyotes.

Wait. Did you understand that? Unless you are perfect you have no right to preach – anything. Okay let’s take that into the rest of the real world. Does that logic apply to Obama’s good preacher friend, Jeremiah Wright? Does it apply to Louis Farrakhan? Does it apply to President Obama’s cocaine addiction? Unless you are perfect you have no right to be a representative of this country. Because now – you are a hypocrite.

The damage that the media does to peoples lives should have an impact on the journalist’s heart. But it doesn’t. Because journalism for most, has died. The breed is near extinct. They have morphed into an entertainment puppet that has no ideals, no vision, no purpose, no virtue and no legacy. And in the end, when some family member is trying to find a legacy to write on your tombstone, or a eulogy to laud your accomplishments, the resonating voice will be silent, the marker a mere date – and nothing more.

Perfection, dear ones, is something to strive for, a goal, a virtue that can only be known in God. The Duggers have shown admirable love, compassion and tenderness toward the most important entity on this planet – family. Perfection is a quality that includes integrity, evolution, purity, excellence, and honor. I will pray for you.

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